Vh, Ih, VaMax, PaMax, Cgk, Cak, Cga. , , , , , /, , , , , , /, 12BH7 Application Data. Va, Vg1, Ia, Ra, S. The 12BH7 double triode is pin compatible with the ECC81, ECC82 and ECC83 series References: Datasheet &. Type 12BH7 was first introduced in The 12BH7 double triode is pin compatible with the ECC81,2,3 series from Mullard but References: Datasheet &. Type 12BH7 was first introduced in .

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12BH7A-STR TAD Premium Selected (balanced) – TAD Pre Amp Tubes

There is, however, a wider variation in the sound of 12BH7s than 6CG7s, so some tube selection or rolling is in order. What kind of power tubes does your amp use? Shared cathode resistor R for both halves of the 12BH7.

Current thru each triode: Some seem to take more than others, but you can be sure it’s going datasheft shorten life.

Only registered users can write reviews. Details Medium-Mu twin triode driver tube with 3. Early Distortion Groove Tubes – is best for a softer attack, and those who play a lot of rock and blues solos.

Power dissipated in each triode: I’ve run a lot of current trough 6J5s, more than 30mA, and they sound peachy even after some six years. And yes, I have blown a few tubes, but they sure can take a beating!


Also, the 6CG7 line is remarkably similar in audio performance across various manufacturers of the same vintage or age. Did you download it from Waltzing Bear? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

March 12, So, where’s that UA schematic then? When you do, we hope you will consider our vintage tube offerings at http: ECC8X stuff is not and not very good sounding either. That is my highly biased opinion though: Try to get another copy.

On my schematic the hand written voltage looks like maybe The 6SN7 has the reputation of being the most linear of the medium mu triodes and the 6CG7 follows suit. When deciding what’s best for you, the following notes may be helpful: Updates to our vacuum tube stock, audio and guitar kits, DIY parts, and completed designs will appear on this datadheet.

The abuse inflicted on poor 6V6G’s in blackface Fender Deluxes comes to mind For most circuits this should be well within the tolerances of the design, but you can ask the manufacturer to be sure. Medium-Mu twin triode driver tube with 3. Quite often it’s with a lot of current. Dunno, I’m only July 07, Started by Brian Roth Drawing Board. Dave Chandler November 27, at 7: There are lots of blogs and posts about the difference between 12AU7’s so I won’t waste your time repeating everything.


However, there is a different heater pin out. Isn’t the datashheet cathode resistor r and not r? The 12BH7A is rated 3. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time a tube was run outside its design center maximum in a commercial product. The schematic link at Waltzing Bear is dead, do you have another link?

12BH7A-STR TAD Premium Selected (balanced)

ddatasheet You can use it as a poweramp as well: Posted by Old Stock Audio at 2: This is not seen in a lot of commercial gear, lotsa tube exchange: I usually use power potentiometers as plate resistors and just turn until I think it sounds as I want it.

Late Distortion Groove Tubes – is chosen for those who want their sound dynamic and clean – especially Jazz and Bass players. So if you are substituting you need to make a change. They all sound best with a good deal of current running trough them.