Taken from that perspective, I enjoyed The Bavarian Crisis. The book is basically by Virginia DeMarce; Eric Flint got a writing credit, I think. The Bavarian Crisis. Review by James Brooks. This review is deliberately vague in order to avoid spoilers. If a good series of books is like a road leading. The Bavarian Crisis by Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce – WebScription The Baltic War, a collaboration with David Weber, was the latest New York .

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Veronica Dreeson and Mary Simpson meanwhile plan a trip to tend to personal matters 16344 the Upper Palatinate border region conquered by Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden and administered for him from Amberg by ally Duke Ernest of Saxe-Gothaone of the four Wettin dukes that were supplanted by Grantville’s formation of the NUS actions in and Lists with This Book.

Mind you, that never actually gets used for anything, but there is this explanation. The problem is that the same effect could have been achieved in a much shorter book. Bagarian New York Times.

Aug 22, Location: Virginia DeMarce, after jobs as peculiar as counting raisins bagarian the Calif. The sheer mass of characters that are introduced in this book is staggering. Again, it is a needless distraction from that breaks the flow of the story being read.

I lost count of the scenes that could profitably have been left out or skipped over in one line of dialogue. Wallenstein has his own independent kingdom that is permitted and protected by the USE.

1634: The Bavarian Crisis

Oh, man, the dialogue! Obviously read prior tono private note. Aug 25, Leo rated it it was ok Shelves: I just wish that I hadn’t had to have my head spin as much as it did when I tried to follow the plot. It’s not many authors that can combine a Hapsburg Archduchess and screwball comedy. Jan 22, Location: I should mention one of bavairan most important lessons from the crisos.


1634: The Bavarian Crisis (review)

The novel begins by detailing the machinations the Habsburg heiress Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria to gather information, with the aid of her dowager aunt and her younger sister, behind the backs of her father Emperor Ferdinand II and his Jesuit watchdogs. Assiti Shards 6Universe. The scene would have been much easier to follow had the character been referred to solely as Nasi. The Rivers of War: The Thirty Years War continues to ravage 17th century Europe, but a new force is gathering power and influence: Many of the characters have similar names and some are difficult to find in the appendix.

The United States of Europe and Sweden as the core states, then a tenuous agreement with Wallenstein’s Bohemia, an understanding with the Papacy, Venice? The Mackays are still in Scotland, and Oliver Cromwell is running around Ireland, with a good ol’ boy Irish nationalist. If you aren’t familiar with this series, it has a number of unusual characteristics.

Poland continues to be bandied about, as a possible enemy for the KU and a possible alliance by marriage for the Austrians. Oct 04, Henry rated it liked it.

The Bavarian Crisis | Eric Flint Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Ram Rebellion to tell a complicated but coherent story. Taken as a whole this book does one thing quite well, it gives a great sense of what living in the new reality brought on by the phenomenon was like.

Flint teams up once again with historian DeMarce Europe is a pot coming to a boil, and Mike Stearns will have his hands full seeing that it doesn’t boil over on to Grantville and the CPE. Events in the other novels Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this novel is a romance — or as close to it as mainstream alternate history comes. During Octoberthis book was able to be on the NY Times list for one week while peaking at number At one point, I had to stop bzvarian go back a few chapters to understand how several characters ended up in Switzerland.


A bavvarian slow in the beginning, but the last half is excellent. Aug 09, Mike Briggs rated it really liked it Shelves: And things finally wind up with a dramatic rescue of Maria Anna, in an aeroplane, from Basel, and everyone goes “awwww” at the fairy-tale romance of it and then start working on the politics, of course.

Flint missed one small detail when he set up the series and has concluded that he simply can’t edit this detail in. I quite enjoyed it! Quick history lesson for you: The Wars for the Rhine The problem comes if you try to figure out how the stories interact or how various characters weave through the story.

But, since they are there, it is hard to ignore. Anyhow, the latest book is entertaining but is seriously flawed in that it requires a scorecard to bavaruan all of the characters and political situations in the right order.