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I see TechLink will no longer be accessed by the public ending with the Oct 05 issue. Quote Originally Posted by White C5 Coupe. slls. Click to Download TechLink PDF · PDF Archives Hunter RFB. Copyright© General Motors All rights reserved. TechLink · Proudly powered by WordPress. Source: GM Techlink Date: January Subject: Head-Up Display Conditions Models: РChevrolet Corvette A Head-Up Display (HUD) (Fig.

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See a General Motors dealer servicing your brand of General Motors vehicle for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information. It was interesting reading and a good way to keep up on the new technology.

Engine – Drivetrain Unnecessarily replacing IPCs leads to high warranty expenses and, of course, unsatisfied customers who return when the condition is not repaired correctly.

Comment by bozo on Mon, Oct 1st, at Without the proper diagnosis and with fuel in the tank, it may look like the cluster is the culprit. If a vehicle comes to the dealership with improperly working gages, check the PCM and other control modules that send data to the IPC for proper communication.

Electrical and IgnitionInterior Parts and Trim. Clutch and Transmission Most of this was “don’t replace” this or that anyway, not good publicity in some cases.


The bezel and switch are to be reused on the replacement IPC. I see TechLink will no longer be accessed by the public ending with the Oct 05 issue. Many IPC malfunctions may be the result of faulty wiring and connectors. Do American luxury brands have a future?

If not, replace the battery. It makes it much easier to start the vehicle in colder temps like here in Utah, but there is always the ability to tune the programming on the vehicle so that you may start on CNG if you are living in a warmer climate.

One of the first steps in diagnosis is to follow the diagnostic tables in the service manuals while using a scan tool.


Head-Up Display Conditions Models: Might helps other pick reputable shops, or at least spot a problem. New instrument panel pads may emit fumes that cause a film to form on the HUD lens.

The HUD image may not appear clearly.

Tires and Wheels Interior Parts and Trim This condition may be more noticeable during low ambient light conditions — early morning or evening — or when a dark object is present in front of the vehicle in the viewing area of the HUD. I used to access it here: This indicates a problem with the Class 2 serial data line or related condition, such as a loose connector.

The IPC has been found to be very reliable and not the likely cause of a system malfunction in most instances. Woman drove her Hyundai Elantra 1 million miles in five years This article has been viewed times.


– Corvette: GM TechLink: Instrument Panel Cluster Function and Diagnosis

If the fuel tank data coming from the PCM is faulty, for example, the cluster commands the fuel gage to empty and sets a DTC. For years the GM vehicles always started on CNG unless the outside air temperature was very low and then it would start on gasoline and go to CNG automatically when conditons allowed it.

Posted – Thu, Jul 3, at 8: If the vehicle no longer exhibits the condition, the vehicle is repaired. If it is for cost savings, it sure isn’t reflected in the “upfit” pricing. This is a normal condition if the sun is shining at a certain angle directly into the HUD display.

GM Techlink — Bi-Fuel Truck – Natural Gas Vehicle Owner Community

Originally Posted by White C5 Coupe. On models, the DTCs will not be cleared, so they techlunk be available to help in diagnosis even if the condition is not currently occurring on the vehicle. I am getting to feel more isolated from GM, sign of the times I guess.

AC, Heating and Ventilation 3.