Sign in to your Chrysler owner account now to gain knowledge of your vehicle with how-to videos, tips, your owner’s manual and more, all tailored to you. Download Chrysler Aspen Limited Owners Manual Pdf the battery is the heart of a vehicle?s electrical system so it is very important that a battery is. owner’s manual to ensure you have the right seat for file recording media and formats are limited. Dodge Durango Or Chrysler Aspen Models

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Chrysler 2007 Aspen Owner’s Manual

It is supplemented by a Warranty Information Booklet and various customer oriented documents. You are urged to read these publications carefully. Failure to use driver and passenger seat belts provided is a major cause of severe or fatal injury.

In fact, the U. If you do not read this entire manual you may miss important information. Any modifications or alterations to this vehicle could seriously affect its roadworthiness and safety and may lead to an accident resulting in serious injury or death.

These numbers can be used to order duplicate keys from your dealer. Ask your dealer for these numbers and keep them in a safe place.

If this occurs, rotate the key to the right slightly, then remove the key as described. If a malfunction occurs, the system will trap the key in the ignition cylinder to warn you that this safety feature is inoperable. Push in on the key in the ignition lock cylinder to rotate to the LOCK position. For vehicles equipped with the Electronic Vehicle Infor- mation Center EVICthe power window switches, radio, hands—free system if equippedand power out- lets will remain active for up to 10 minutes after the ignition switch is turned off.

Opening either front door will cancel this feature. Should this occur, have the vehicle ser- viced as soon as possible. Insert a blank Sentry Key into the ignition switch and turn the ignition switch ON within 60 seconds. After 10 seconds a single chime will sound and the Vehicle Theft Alarm Indicator Light will stop flashing, turn on again for 3 seconds, and then turn off. The alarm will set when you use the power door locks or use the Keyless Entry transmitter to lock the doors.

After all the doors are locked and closed the security light in the instrument cluster will flash rapidly to signal that the system is arming.

The interior lights will remain on for 30 seconds after the last door is closed, or until all doors are closed and either the ignition is turned to the ON position or a key fob LOCK button is pressed. This system allows you to lock or unlock the chrrysler and liftgate or activate the panic alarm from distances a minimum of 66 feet 20 meters using a hand held radio transmitter.

If the desired programming was not achieved or to reactivate this feature, repeat the above steps.

2007 Chrysler Aspen – Owner’s Manual (472 pages)

To lock the doors and liftgate: Press and release pwners LOCK button on the key fob to lock all doors and liftgate. If the ignition is OFF, when the doors are locked, the parking lights will flash on once and the horn will chirp once.

Changes or modifications not expressly ap- NOTE: If your Remote Lock Control fails to operate from a normal distance, check for these two conditions. When a single chime is heard release both buttons.

The chime is an indication liited you have successfully entered program mode. All fobs that are to be programmed must be done so within 60 seconds of when the chime was heard. Transmitter Battery Replacement 2. Remove and replace the batteries. Avoid touching the new batteries with your fingers.


Skin oils may cause battery deterioration. If you touch a li,ited, clean it with rubbing alcohol.

To indicate that the vehicle is about to start, the parking lights will flash and the horn will sound briefly. Remote Start Transmitter Once the vehicle has started, the engine will run for 15 minutes. The vehicle can be started remotely up to a maximum of two times. The vehicle is also allowed a maximum of one failed start, where the remote start sequence was initiated but cancelled before the engine begins to crank.

After either of these conditions, or if the Vehicle Theft Alarm is alarming, or if the PANIC button was pressed, the vehicle must be reset by inserting a valid key into the ignition Use this switch to lock or unlock chrhsler doors.

Power Door Lock Switch If you press the power door lock switch while the key is in the ignition, and any front door is open, the power locks will not operate. Place the key into the ignition. A single chime will sound to indicate the feature has been changed. Repeat the above steps to alternate the availability of this feature.

Avoid trapping anyone in a vehicle in a collision. Remember that the rear doors can only be opened from the outside when the child protection locks are engaged. After setting the child protection door lock system, always test the door from the inside to make certain it is in the desired position.

This feature can be turned off by your authorized dealer. The Power Manuap Delay feature will allow the power windows to operate for ten minutes after the ignition owenrs turned OFF. If the window runs into any obstacle during the auto-closure it owner reverse direction and then stop. Re- move the obstacle and use the window switch again to close the window.

Any impact due to rough road condi- li,ited may trigger the auto reverse function unexpectedly during auto closure. When the engine is running from a Remote Start chysler equippedvhrysler vehicle must first be unlocked by pressing the remote transmitter UNLOCK button prior to activating the Power Liftgate otherwise the engine will The emergency liftgate latch release can be accessed through a snap-in cover located on the lift- gate trim panel.

If the liftgate is not fully open, press the remote keyless entry transmitter or overhead console button to fully open the liftgate and then press again to close. You and your passengers could be injured by these fumes. Keep the liftgate closed when you are operating the vehicle. In a collision, you and your passengers can suffer much greater injuries if you are not properly buck- led up. You can strike the interior of your vehicle or other passengers, or you can be thrown out of the vehicle.

It is extremely dangerous limitfd ride in a cargo area, inside or outside ilmited a vehicle. In a collision, people riding in these areas are more likely to be seriously injured or killed. Do not allow people to ride in any area of your vehicle that is not equipped with seats and seat belts.

Enter the vehicle and close the door. Sit back and adjust the seat. Pulling Out Belt and Latchplate 2. The seat belt latch plate is above the back of maual front seat, next to chrywler arm in the rear seat. The lap portion could kimited too high on your body, possibly causing internal injuries. Always buckle your belt into the buckle nearest you. Always wear the lap belt as low as pos- sible and keep it snug. Push in on the anchorage release button to release the anchorage, and then move it up or down to the position that serves you best.


Second Row Center Seat Belt The center seating position in the second row has a seat belt assembly that can be converted from the normal emergency locking mode to the automatic locking mode. Programming mode will be cancelled after the feature has toggled with the seat belt still buckled or mankal the ignition switch is turned to the lock position or 10 seconds after the feature has toggled.

You may damage the airbags and you could be injured be- cause the airbags are no longer functional. These protective covers for the airbag cushions are de- signed to open only when the airbags are inflating. Here are some simple steps you can follow to minimize the risk of harm from a deploying airbag.

Children 12 years and under should always ride buckled up in a rear seat in an appropriate child restraint. Infants in rear-facing child restraints should NEVER ride in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger front airbag. The airbags work with your seat belt to restrain you properly.

Always wear your seat belts even though you have airbags. The front airbag inflators are de- signed to provide different rates of airbag inflation from direction provided by the ORC. The ORC will not detect roll limiyed. When the ORC detects a collision requiring the airbags, it signals the ownsrs units. The following requirements must be strictly adhered to: Al- ways use the correct seat cover specified for the vehicle. As the airbags deflate you may see some smoke-like particles.

The particles are a normal by- product of the process that generates the nontoxic gas used for airbag inflation. You could be injured if the airbag system is not there to protect you. Do not modify the components or wiring, including adding any kind of badges or stickers to the steering wheel hub trim cover or the upper right side of the instrument panel.

If the speedometer, tachometer or any engine related gauges are not working, the airbag control mod- ule may also be disabled.

The airbags may not be ready to inflate for your protection. Data of a potentially sensitive nature, such as would identify a lijited driver, ve- hicle, or crash, will chryler treated confidentially.


Confidential data will not be disclosed by DaimlerChrysler Corpora- tion to any third party except when: Every state in the United States and all Canadian provinces require that small children ride in proper restraint systems. LATCH child restraint anchorage system. An airbag deployment could cause severe injury or death to infants in this position. Never allow a child to put the shoulder belt under an arm.

The cinching latch plate will keep the belt tight, however, any seat belt system will loosen with time, so check the belt occasionally and pull it tight if necessary. For some older child restraints, many child restraint manufacturers offer add-on tether strap kits or retro-fit kits. You are urged to take advantage of all the available attachments provided with your child restraint in any vehicle.