Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Honda Civic Sedan automobile HONDA CIVIC SEDAN DX, EX, EX-L & SI OWNER’S MANUAL. HONDA CIVIC SEDAN OWNERS MANUAL Loads of information, covers a lot, no missing pages, great manual to have when owning a CIVIC SEDAN and. Workshop and owners manuals for the Honda Civic. To read online or Covers Honda Civic to Read Sedan Owners Manual (Dx, Ex, L, Si) ().

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If the light off the engine.

Honda Civic Sedan Owner’s Manual

If it does go to the metal, apply a coat of primer first. Apply the parking brake. The on by pressing the button.

The only writing that I know of is a name on the inside cover of the manual. Put on the spare tire. Supplemental Restraint Tools, Tire Changing Page Emergency Towing There are three popular methods of towing a car: Headlights Controls Near the Steering Wheel To flash the high beams, pull back Headlights and hold the turn signal lever.

Supplemental Restraint System The airbag is stored in the center How the Passenger’s Airbag This airbag is quite large and of the steering wheel. Make sure it locks in place. Page If Your Engine Overheats 4.

Owner’s Manual | Honda Civic Sedan | Honda Owners Site

This listing is for a used Honda Civic owner’s manual, warranty info book, and supplement restraint system book. Many corrosion-preventive mea- Wiping vigorously up-and-down sures are built into your Honda. Press and hold the M button until the numbers advance to the desired time.

Page Lights Replacing a Rear License 3. Child Safety We recommend that, whenever Restraining a Child Who The preferred place to mankal a possible, you put the infant seat in Weighs Between 9 and 18 kg toddler seat is in the center position the center position of the rear seat of the rear seat.


Honda Civic Sedan Owners Manuals

Switch the fan to the desired speed. If it does not go down to bare metal, clean it with soap and water and apply ownerd touch-up paint. According to accident statistics, children of all sizes and ages are An infant or child who is not properly safer when they are properly restrained can be killed or seriously restrained in the rear seat rather injured in a crash. Supplemental Restraint System An indicator light to warn you of An airbag inflates and deflates Important Safety Reminder a possible problem with the very quickly.


If the headlights do start falls into two areas, depending Starter Motor Operates Very not dim, check the condition of on what you hear when you turn Slowly the fuses. It shows how to owhers seat belts properly. Modified Item see all. Fill Door and Cap Locks Anti-theft Steering Column. Determine from the chart on pages andor the diagram on the fuse box lid, which fuse or fuses control that component.

Additional Safety Information Additional Honds Information The seat belts and airbags are obvi- Seat-back Position Door Locks ously important parts of your occu- The seat-backs should be in an It is not safe to leave your car doors pant protection system.

Page Low Oil Pressure 1.

Selecting Proper Viscosity Methanol in Gasoline Under severe driving conditions, service these items more often. Page 55 Folding Rear Seat Make sure all items in the trunk, or items extending through the opening into the back seat, are tied civkc. Repeat this procedure for the other three spark plugs.


In cold weather, turn off all with the accelerator pedal 2.

Add to my manuals Add. Warranty and Customer Relations Warranty Coverages. Let the engine run for several The oil and filter should be chang- bolt, then reinstall the drain bolt. They warn you of potential hazards that could cause serious injury. To remove it, cover the cup or other container for at least terminals with a solution of baking fifteen minutes.

See Towing on page automatic transmission by pushing or Park and set the parking or pulling it. This section gives you important and How It Works Steering Wheel Controls You can decrease the set cruising Changing the Set Speed You can increase the set cruising speed in either of two ways: LX Inflation the car before checking the tire Keeping the tires properly inflated pressure, the tires can still be provides the best combination of considered “cold” if you drive less handling, tread life and riding than 1.

Features, Comfort and Fuel When replacing keys, use only Honda-approved key blanks. Remove the bulb by pushing it in Replacing Rear Bulbs in 4. Page Changing a Flat Tire However, they are both totally intact, no missing pages, and ready to add to your classic Second Generation Civic! Fuel Economy Fuel Economy The condition of your car and your Driving Habits A cold engine uses more fuel than a driving habits are the two most You can improve fuel economy by warm engine.