Vaishnav Vaartaji Gujarati Amdavad Kalyanji Vyas (Vaarta Sahitya).pdf . Nijvarta Gahruvarta Tatha Courashi Vaishnavanki Varta Vraj Bhasha Here is the Answers to all the Questions raised by Movie OMG. Seminar on Oh My God (OMG) by HG Chaitanya Charan Prabhu. Day – 1. Vaishnavoni Varta by Harendra Shukla SHRINATHJI BHAGWANNA PAVITRA DARSHAN – SHAYAN – UTHTHAPANNA 84 Vaishnav Ni Varta. Quick View.

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We do not find such rituals in Veda that is available today. Whether one accepts or not, this is the naked truth. Stutim tava karoti kah, kamalajaa-sepatni-priye, Harer-yad-anu-sevayaa, bhavati saukhya-mamokshatah, Eyam tava kathaa-adhikaa, sakala-gopikaa-sangamah, Smara-shrama-jalanubhih, sakala-gatrajaih sangamah. Let non-Pushti beings follow Jain, Muslim and Sikhism.

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People often neglect such indications in the haste of achieving privilege without having sense of responsibility that accompanies such prerogatives. This is why Mahaprabhuji has defined Bhakti in Mahatmyagyaan Purvak i.

252 Vaishnavani Varta By Mahadev Dhoriyani

Sri Gokulachandramaji Sri Narayan-daas Brahmachaari 8. Immediately Shri Gusaiji ordered Shri Kumbhandasji to return to Shri Goverdhannathji for his darshan and told him not to accompany him to Shri Dwarika.

The reason for this is: Here, it must be remembered that the term “Akhyati” is not used with reference to Akhyativada of Prabhakara Regarding ordinary people, Anyakhyati has to be accepted. Hence, everyday he should insistently read works like Shodasha- Grantha etc.

However, we do not experience this multifarious world as Brahma. In this shloka, Shri Mahaprabhuji describes that how Shri Yamunaji can bless her devotees to increase their love towards Shri Mukund Prabhu. Param-brahmn is Sakaar while Akshar brahmn is nirakaar.

But when I bestow upon them liberation— in the form of Salokya-Mukti, Sarsti-Mukti, Samipy-Mukti or Sayujy-Mukti with love, on my own accord —my devotees are not ready to accept any kind of liberation at the cost of my service. It is considered so only in the path of Aikantik Bhakti, where any single deity is chosen as one”s favorite god and his devotion is chosen as the sole course of the life by the disciple himself as a solemn vow.


Thus one gains a purification relating to God and soul also in addition to a cleanliness of ones body. Jaishrikrishna, what is Prasadi Tilak mean?

I have firm faith in Shrinathji but cannot digest the fact that we gujarai even bow to other gods especially Shivji who happens to be a param vaishnav. But after that I was not so punctual in Seva. Now, over to Anyashraya: Why do we have to follow 3-day seclusion upon rajashwala dharma? The process of error: Vedavyasa who composed all Vedas and Purans and who vaishjav Vedas in different sections is the incarnation of Bhagavans attribute of Knowledge.

His mind is steadfast and is ever established in Me, as the Supreme goal.

Vaishnxv happens to the Pravahi jeeva after pralaya? Why in shrinathji prasad is not given in public after darshans while in other temples prasad is given openly without writing any manorath?

The leap year, which occurs once every four years, accounts for Va day per year.

The basis for solar calendar is the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Similarly, Gita says, from the viewpoint of commonsense, that it is more reasonable for the true seeker to devout himself in the worship of Sri Krishna, who is the root cause of everything rather then worshiping innumerable gods and goddesses.

In spite of this we see considerable difference among beings. Then how can one handle it? Vaoshnav exists everywhere and inside every one. There lies such an excellent purpose behind the creation of Un beings. Dono dharmo ko anusaran me lete hua, sarjane ke purva jiva and shristi brahma ko MUL svarup sakar hato ke nirakar? In short, following could be the course of your Vaishnav life: His philosophy is, therefore, known as Dvaita, dualism.


How is your Bhakti going to blossom? Their knowledge is always true. O Thous daughter of the sun, Thou art worthy of all praises! Thus when Buddhi intellect is deluded the right knowledge, “this is shell”” does not valshnav, because ignorance is product of Tamoguna.

Look Inside the Gujaraati. I am grateful to be your customer. They are as follows: Sri Vallabhacharya says in Chatuh-shloki: This happens due to the manifestation and concealment of the attributes of Brahma in respective beings. They had become oblivious of their own Svarupa; the Svarupa of Bhagavan, their relation with Bhagavan and their duties towards Bhagavan.

Also, Shri Mahaprabhuji describes the physical existence of Yamunaji as river. Here there is no two things i.

Full text of “Pushtimarg”

Naturally the blue moon must occur towards the end of month some where between 29th, 30th or 31st of the month. It is for this reason that Sri Vallabhacarya considers the universe as Avikrta-parinama of Brahman. One should keep Sharan of Hari in all favourable and unfavourable circumstances. But, can it be played during the Utsavs and Badhais in Mangala? It is very much possible that some devotees consider Bhakti superior then Moksh.

What should we do if we go to Bathakji?