2SBA Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SBA Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. MOSPEC 2SBA datasheet, PNP Silicon Power Transistors, 2SBA datasheet, 2SBA pdf, 2SBA datasheet pdf, 2SBA pinouts. 2SBA from NEC Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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Because its internal logic cells are optimally designed according to their functions, a large scale of integration with low current consumption can be realized even if the circuit consists of only logic, as compared with gate arrays. Consequently, device manufacturers are required to supply state-of-the-art semiconductor chips and efficient design environments.

Operating ambient TA temperature Storage Tstg temperature Range of ambient temperature in which normal logical operation will occur. In addition, because many development tools and standard cell libraries are available for semi-custom LSIsthe development period can be further shortened.

Otherwise 4 V drive is possible. Value assuming 2-input NAND power gate, fanout: Moreover, for circuit blocks, for which analog characteristics particularly matter, NEC supports a development environment that enables the use of macro cells.

The information is subject to change without notice. Cell-based ICs cannot only realize a density higher than gate arrays and embedded arrays, but also integrate high-performance macros. The subsequent sections 1 through 4 compare the major semi-custom products and full-custom products for your reference.

These LSIs include graphics display controllers and field memories.

2SB546A Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

The key to selecting the most suitable ASIC product is completely understanding the characteristics required by the entire system to be developed and the circuits to be integrated into an ASIC. Low power consumption A low power consumption is achieved for LSIs by employing a low-voltage operation technology 3.

The channel-less gate arrays can be used to integrate a large-scale system on a single chip. High speed and high density by employing dedicated cells VX type Note: This is a product of Natio Densei Machida Mfg. OilmasterJan 15, R Tuning microcontroller Remote controller receiver amp. Your name or email address: Range of pin temperature that will not cause destruction or lower reliability when voltage and current are not applied. The gate array block consists of the basic cells of a CMOS gate array, and can be designed in the same manner as a gate array.


For mixed signal cores, NEC supports a development environment using analog arrays that enables a short turn around time comparable to that of embedded arrays.

Furthermore, a short development time can be achieved, which is another advantage of ASICs. Moreover, as there is no need to use dedicated devices, the cost is further streamlined. HA has 9 pins. The absolute maximum ratings are values that may physically damage the product s.

Please check with local NEC representative for availability and additional information. If you would prefer to speak to a live person, contact our sales department for immediate price and availability on 2SBY at during regular business hours.

In contrast, the development period of semi-custom is shorter, although these LSIs have some redundant functions.

Document Outline

Dedicated macro Internet Analog circuit Multimedia signal processing JPEG, voice compression, User logic moving picture processing Communication modem, mobile communications, etc. Transportation equipment automobiles, trains, ships, etc. To export or re-export some or all of these products from a country other than Japan may also be prohibited without a license from that country. The most outstanding feature of this family is the scale of integration.

Maximum DC current that can flow through output pin Caution If any of the parameters exceeds the absolute maximum ratings, even momentarily, the quality of the product may be impaired.

Inchange Semiconductor – 2SBA PDF 数据手册 , 2SBA 数据表 – DataSheetBank

For details of the CB-C10 family, refer to the description in the section titled 0. For details, consult NEC. Internal zener diode between C-B,: Furthermore, NEC plans to realize standardized middleware by using not only NEC’s uniquely developed technologies, but also the most outstanding third party technologies and standards.


When selecting a model, estimate the circuit scale by taking these peripheral circuits into consideration. This ia a product of Tokyo Eletech Corporation. To minimize risks of damage or injury to persons or property arising from a defect in an NEC semiconductor device, customers must incorporate sufficient safety measures in its design, such as redundancy, fire-containment, and anti-failure features.

It is used for connecting low-speed peripheral macros such as a timer and serial interface.

2SBA Datasheet(PDF) – NEC

Dafasheet Low-level output current Note1 3-V output type 3. When datasheft on 75 mm2 0. Every item you purchase from us includes a warranty.

Pentium is a trademark of Intel Corporation. However, it is difficult to integrate memories on these gate arrays. The Datasheeh family can internally operate at 2. You must have JavaScript enabled 2sb54a6 your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. OilmasterJan 22, Hi, I recently got a nice Sansui A amp with blowed-out one channel.

And welcome to AK! Each peripheral macro can be directly connected to each CPU core. Macros of large-scale CPU peripheral circuits are available for CMOS gate arrays, shortening the designing period and improving the functionality of your systems. Because they are designed and produced by the manufacturer, the user does not have to shoulder any development burden and there is no limit to the production quantity.

In addition, even a small quantity of products can be produced at a low cost by individually wiring master wafers chosen from the many different types readily available. Short turn around time realized by gate array method substrate is developed first HD type: