The Sleeping Beauty Quartet is a series of four novels written by American author Anne Rice under the pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure. The quartet comprises. Read a new Preface by Anne Rice about The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, Now Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the. A collection that includes all three novels in Anne Rice’s seductive retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story. A spell has been cast upon a lovely.

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The Passion of Cleopatra If we define erotica as the mere suggestion of the sex act, whereas pornography comprises descriptive and graphic depictions of sex scenes, then this book is pornography. Princes and Princesses are sent as tributes to serve as sex slaves to the Crowned Queen, in order to maintain an alliance. I loved how creative and imaginative the stories were as well as unbelievably rough, raunchy, and sizzling hot.

Much easier to get through than Interview with the vampire which I found long and tiresome though inspiring toofrom which I gather that Ann Rice got better skilled at expressing her thoughts. What that means is, I masturbated my pants off.

As this voluptuous adult fairy tale moves toward conclusion, all Beauty’s encounters with the myriad variations of sexual fantasy are presented in a sensuous, rich prose that intensifies this exquisite rendition of Love’s secret world, and makes the Beauty series and incomparable study of erotica.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Pages to import images to Wikidata. However I’ll still read the next one. Of course, there are many people who sleepinh read all my work, including the Roquelaure novels, and they see me as a multifaceted writer.

Anne Rice fans beware Thanks for telling us about the problem. The third book begins with the captured slaves’ journey on the ship to the Sultan’s realm.


The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

What the hell is happening??? I’m grateful the Beauty books have been embraced trilpgy sustained over the years. I also went all the way with exploring the mind-set of sadomasochism as I saw it, letting the fantasy characters talk in depth about what they felt and what they enjoyed and what thrilled them as they were humiliated and overwhelmed.

I get how it’s empowering to trust someone else to that extent and to test limits. One night, handsome Prince Alexi, seeks her out to tell her his story of submission. As a man who has been at the receiving end of responsible BDSM, I can attest to the truth of these words.

In the hrilogy chapter of the story, Beauty is awakened from her hundred-year sleep by the Prince, not with a kiss, but through copulation, initiating her into a Satyricon -like world of sexual adventures.

I was hoping for a more grown up version of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale.

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy Box Set : A N Roquelaure :

Beauty and Tristan copulate as Nicholas watches behind a one-way mirror. After that he tells her about the long adventurous journey he had in the castle.

View all 78 comments. How can it be wrong for women to have the same right? To me no sane person would First, I took this book by mistake. Her flaxen hair lay long and straight over the deep green velvet of her bed, and her dress in loose folds revealed the rounded breasts and limbs of a young woman. She felt as if someone were pressing her there, trying to enter her, as if her navel had become a vagina tri,ogy And boy, are those some sick thoughts!

Yes, everything slseping aside, the writing in this book is unbelievably bad.

Afterward Laurent and Tristan are taken to roquslaure Sultan, made to perform a mutual fellatio on each other in his presence, and then the Sultan anally copulates with Laurent. Now first of all,let me clarify that I love erotica and the fact that this story was supposed to be an erotic-retelling of Sleeping Beauty, captured my attention.


The Prince had all his young trrilogy know the story of Sleeping Beauty, cursed to sleep for a hundred years, with her parents, the King and Queen, and all of the Court, after pricking her finger on a spindle. Otherwise – stay away. Yet it’s triogy “romantic. View all 28 comments.

Interesting background and lots of creative naughty bits for fun. Kink, sex, debauchery, lust, love- twisted. Now, I will not tell you the what happened in this series. And not only is there sadism in this book, none of it is consenting.

The fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, is used merely as a starting point, the story goes off on a tangent within the first few pages and then we’re taken into the neighbouring kingdom with all its twisted customs. Beauty is taken to the harem and is mounted on the phallus of a bronze statue. Of course these books have from time to time been banned.

Anne Rice (Writing as A. N. Roquelaure) – The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

We know nothing of her character to start with – whether she was modest, chaste, loving, kind, whatever, so it’s hard to see her as a person to begin with since her character is so cardboard. Anyway, as I said, I started skimming pretty early on easy in a plotless book trilog even my semi-saintly tolerance for bad fiction ends at some point.

I am not a prude by any stretch, I just think this is not the book or subject matter for me.