Acadiana is a region of Louisiana, in the south and south west of the state. From West to East, Acadiana can be broken into five distinct and unique regions, where Cajun and Creole peoples adapted unique aspects from Map of Acadiana. English: The traditional 22 parishes in Southern Louisiana, USA, that belong to the Acadiana Region with the “Cajun Heartland USA”. Maps: Louisiana Parishes, Tourist Regions & Acadiana Parishes. Map of LA Parishes. See LIST of Louisiana Parishes with Dates of Creation, Created From and.

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Arceneaux designed a flag for Acadiana.

He is “up front” and “main stream. Some Cajun parishes, such as Evangeline and Avoyellespossess relatively few inhabitants of Acadian origin. France had ceded the colony to Spain inprior to their defeat by Refion and two years before the first Acadians began settling in Louisiana.

Acadiana – Wikipedia

German and Polish settlers found their way to this area as early assettling an area that became known as the German Coast. After the Compulsory Education Act forced Cajun children to attend formal schools, American teachers threatened, punished, and sometimes beat their Cajun students in an attempt to force them to use English a language to which many of them had not been exposed before.


Acadiana is a region of Louisianain the south and south west of the state. Comprised of Acadia, Evangeline, and St. Many more people have contributed more recently to the vibrant region with its unique culture, dialects, and food.

Lake Charles Cameron Dequincy. New Roads LaPlace Simmesport.

Acadiana Parishes

History of the Acadians. Krotz Springs Opelousas Eunice. Cajun food also does not rely on the Tomato to the same degree revion Creole food, and in foods common in both cuisines, the Cajun version is often a brown color compared to the Crole’s red version.

The word Acadiana reputedly has two origins. InThomas J. Archived from the original on Calcasieu River flowing through Lake Charles enables shipping traffic in the western portion, while the Sabine River forms the western border of both Acadiana and Louisiana.

Acaduna is sometimes called “Cajun Country”, noted for its distinctive culture.

File:Acadiana Louisiana region map.svg

Many enjoy a cold beer with Cajun food or music. A Study in Political Interaction”. It is sometimes called “Cajun Country”, noted for its distinctive culture.

Inthe Louisiana State Legislature officially recognized twenty-two Louisiana parishes and “other parishes of similar cultural environment” rehion their “strong French Acadian cultural aspects” House Concurrent Resolution No. I — online ed. The hurricane caused most of Acadiana to lose power, and some areas lost phone service. Perhaps the greatest proponent and catalyst wcadina reclaiming Cajun and French history of Louisiana is four-term former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.


The Acadiana region is heavily associated with them.

Cajuns – Wikipedia

About 3, Acadians had been deported to France during the Great Upheaval. The Galvez Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was formed in memory of those soldiers.

He derived the flag from the university seal. The Beginnings of Acadian Life in Louisiana, — Coastal communities relied heavily on fish and shellfish. List of festivals in Louisiana. This made Gustav preparations the largest evacuation in Louisiana history, and one of the most successful acxdina in the nation’s history. Lafayette Lafayette is a city in Louisiana. Many Cajuns also have some ancestors who were not French. In addition to these several true Cajun dishes, there are many other items which are unique to Acadiana and can be found, at least in an authentic form, no where else gegion the world, as well as beloved Southern dishes such as fried chicken mapp frog legs.

The Florida Historical Quarterly.