7CHAPTER 2 ADABAS Essentials Introduction 7 ADABAS DBMS 8 ADABAS Databases 8 ADABAS Files 9 ADABAS File Number 9 Level Number. ADABAS Essentials. Introduction 7. ADABAS DBMS 8. ADABAS Databases. 8. ADABAS Files 9. ADABAS File Number 9. Level Number 9. Data Field Names 9. SAS/ACCESS Interface to ADABAS Software. ADABAS Essentials. [continuerule]. Introduction · ADABAS DBMS · ADABAS Databases · ADABAS Data Fields.

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Level Number A data field level number is a one- or two-digit number, from 01 to 07, used in conjunction with data field grouping.

Soon we will also start writing the first programs and create our own databases. Transferring this type of application to more modern solutions is not only very difficult, but also extremely expensive.

Mainframes in general are used when the reliability of the unit and high performance of the processor are key to business needs.

ADABAS Essentials: ADABAS Databases

Please note, that I am currently working as a junior mainframe developer, so I learn the secrets of the language myself. The logical records are the horizontal rows of data. For example, AA and B4 are valid data field names.

This is why I decided to start this tutorial for anyone who would like to know more about this interesting area of computer science, essentiwls also learn a little of NATURAL language, which is one of the programming languages used for Mainframe computers. The extraordinary advantage of Mainframe systems is that they can be joined to form one logical super-unit.


A data field level number is a one- or two-digit number, from 01 to 07, used in conjunction with data field grouping. Each database can consist of up to 5, logical files, depending on the device type. If you see any errors in my articles, please let me know!

Also the language is essentials easy to learn and use.

Mainframe programming — NATURAL/ADABAS tutorial. Intro — a few words of introduction

Get updates Get updates. Sign in Get started. Unfortunately, young programmers are more likely to use languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript etc.

In this first post I will give you some information about the mainframe computer as well as the language and database that we will use. You can find all the parts of this tutorial in the links below: Programming on the Mainframe class computers is not a popular profession nowadays, it can be however an interesting one and also very profitable.

The companies commonly use Mainframe for critical financial applications or for public use complex systems.

Data Storage, Associator, and Work Storage. You can find all the parts of this tutorial in the links below:. An ISN is the logical identifier for each record. Feel free to follow my profile to be up-to-date!


In the next part of the tutorial we will learn about the syntax of the language and write our first program. The name Mainframe refers to the first machines of this type. Currently, the largest manufacturer of mainframe is IBM, but we should keep in mind that this is not the only provider of this type of technology. If you like the article and you believe there should be more articles about Mainframes please clap a bitleave a comment or share this link wherever you want.


The Associator system file contains internal storage information that manages the data for the entire database. It was usually large, like most computers then, and it occupied a large part of the server rooms.

The following output illustrates four adabzs fields and seven logical records from an ADABAS file containing data about customers. The Work Storage system file contains temporary work files. Well, there are many reasons. The data fields are the vertical columns of data. Each database can consist of up to 5, logical files. When I was preparing sssentials start my job as a junior mainframe developer, I encountered the problem of a small amount of knowledge sources in this area, particularly available for free online.

Systems based on Mainframes are still widely used, mainly by large organizations. The latter is the language that I use at work and the one that I use writing this tutorial.

The first character must be alphabetic, and the second character can be either alphabetic or numeric. Each database has an associated database identifierwhich is a numerical value in the range 1 to 65, and a database namewhich is a character value with a maximum of 16 characters. Of course there are also downsides.