Furigana uses Kana (usually Hiragana) to phonetically transcribe Kanji, above ( for You can make adjustments there, click “OK “to insert. To use this add-on: * Install it, and restart Anki * Click “Add” in the . It saves so much time automatically adding the furigana – I use it all the. You can attach furigana (kana or romaji) to sentences written in Japanese. ・ Select whether or not to add furigana to katakana as well.

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I used it to create a custom note type that I then transferred all my decks to.

IPA furigana

In the hopes somebody finds this useful! The code is very self-documenting.

Please report the problem on the support site. Works great, however ran into some trouble running it on a Cloze note type. Anyway with this I am saving a lot of time. I’ve submitted a push request on github to move all the NoteType stuff to a single file.

In the question or answer template, the following options are available: On this subreddit you can add furigana to text with the following syntax:. In order to create something like this, you’re just gonna have to break out Photoshop or a specialty typographic design application.

furiganw Please see the issue 63 code. If you have data in “Reading” you need click “Reading” and key “Tab”it will add romanization and katakana to “Romanization” and “Katakana” e.


ZarNge 1 4. It saves so much time automatically adding the furigana – I use it all the time! Maybe this tweak could be included in the next update?

Japanese Support – AnkiWeb

I want to add furigana for my list of Kanji. Very good, could be perfect! I recommend it to anyone using anki to study Japanese. You cannot do this simply by furigaa a class, you’ll have to provide the content as well.

It is good to know this site. Until I found it, I was entering all the hiragana reading in another field with colors to diferentiate the words, since a full hiragana phrase is so unreadable.

Please review the instructions carefully – you need to add the note types in the Manage screen before they will appear in the list.

Working great, however there is a Kanji issue It is my understanding that the “Kanji Stats” applies to the whole collection, however the number is about x lower than it should be. It works very well! If we assume that the text your want to see with furigana has been entered in a field called “Sentence”, then where ever on the cards that you want the Japanese text with the furigana to be placed, you need the following: This new behavior should make some people happy, but I really need the old behavior, I hope it will return in a future update.

So it should be much easier to handle user wise. And will give a thumb up later.


I’m quite new to Anki, so I might be just missing the obvious. Alternatively if you’re furiganz trouble getting Ruby to show up properly, does Rikaikun do the “d” fruigana for hiding English definitions like Rikaichan does?


Traceback most recent call last: If you want a “hoverover” effect, i. To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:. Granted the latter is a valid reading, but it’s certainly not at all the most common. The absolute standard This addon is obligatory for everyone learning Japanese with Anki. Awesome addon but I wish it didn’t delete new lines!

If you’re just asking for the right markup for ruby not to be confused with the Ruby programming languagethere’s an answer for that though. Perhaps I hold this against the add-on especially because some otherwise really good decks use the default configuration and are nearly ruined by having to do so.

If you’re receiving errors about mecab, you may need to add an exception to your antivirus program for mecab. After every word should come the reading in brackets, followed by a space.

It kept bugging me to install “mecab” even though I had done furiana already. Help me solve error when use add-on “Japanese support” Hi guy!

So I wrote some additional CSS for those interested aadd showing only the kana reading on hover. Submit a new text post. It would be nice to see some configuration options in a GUI format.