The AIGA/Aquent Survey of Design Salaries is the most comprehensive annual survey of compensation data for the communication design profession in the. According to the AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries released this week, designers’ salaries rose slightly in , ending a decade of. 1. Median total cash compensation – 4. Careers in design. What can designers do to improve their prospects? 7. Advice from design professionals.

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PDF The survey reveals what is actually paid in the marketplace; it is not a recommendation on pay scales. Design leaders are expressing strong optimism—as seen in the Design Leaders Confidence Index —that the design economy is improving, with the possibility of increased hiring and compensation adjustments.

Live design, not just work in design 7. This survey was conducted on behalf of AIGA, the professional association for design, and its partners, Aquent and Communication Arts magazine, as part of a comprehensive program of activities to serve the professional designer by providing sources of inspiration and strategies for success.

AIGA | Aquent Survey of Design Salaries | Michael Surtees | Flickr

They are responsible for conceptualization and design of solutions to their completion. Write and articulate well 3.

Owner, Partner or Principal An owner, partner or principal holds an sirvey position and has major business responsibility for a firm having employees. They are responsible for overseeing the planning, management and delivery of projects from concept saalries completion by working externally, interfacing with clients and helping them navigate key milestones; and internally, with creative directors, designers and animators through all project phases.

Aquent and Vitamin T have built an impressive global network of dsign and creative services professionals, including print and interactive designers, UX designers wiga developers, copywriters, brand managers, market researchers and more. In terms of overall trends, it is possible to summarize the dynamics of the larger job market and their implications for design practices in the same terms we used last year, for the recession has continued its stubborn suppression of economic growth in the design economy.


Many design firms consider themselves as busy as ever, although margins are narrower than they were in the past. Beantown Web The mission of Beantown Web is to provide information about Web Development training and career opportunities in the greater Boston area.

AIGA | Aquent Survey of Design Salaries

Design is holding its own in a financial environment that is all about metrics. The timing of this increased demand, already visible in some larger firms, will depend upon a broader acceptance that the Great Recession has bottomed out—a turning point that even economists are reluctant to declare yet.

A valuable employee must: As a matter of principle, AIGA takes the position that design is never valued highly enough. The survey reveals what is actually paid in the marketplace; it is not a recommendation on pay scales. 2001 design talent is now simply table stakes. Art, business, culture and technology are constantly changing and shifting in terms of professional development and worth.

Art Director The art director establishes the conceptual and stylistic direction for design staff and orchestrates their work, as well as the work of ddesign artists, photographers, illustrators, prepress technicians, printers and anyone else who is involved in the development of a project.

This realization—and the deep passion designers have for bringing head, heart and hand to problem solving—assures the long-term strength of the profession. Web Content Strategist A web content strategist is responsible for planning content creation, delivery and governance. Senior Designer, primarily print A senior designer, primarily print is a designer for whom a majority of their work is with the print medium.


Be able to work with and communicate auent others 6.

AIGA | Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2010

There are indications that firms are busy because they have not replaced workers who had been released during the start of the recession. Present information in a simple, understandable manner 5.

Information Architect An information architect is a designer who applies user-centered research concepts and techniques to organize websites and applications to best support the needs of users, through the development of navigation, labeling and searching systems that make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. User Experience Designer A user experience designer is a designer with expertise in human factors that impact interactive experiences.

Design salaries have remained relatively flat for several years. How Satisfied Are You? There are also some patterns emerging: This position would include design or account planning. Become cross-functional in digital and strategy. Design Manager A design manager is a manager of people and processes necessary in the development of design projects for a business unit or product category.

In addition, approximately 12, students of communication design graduate from four-year programs each year—more than can be absorbed into the current workforce. Simply access the Salary Calculator to review the compensation data for 15 design-related saaries in your part of the country. The role ensures the right resources are in place, from designers to developers to copywriters and more, so that the interactive produced is visually compelling and able to drive designn.