Hi Guys,. Is there any chance that someone out there has the Airfix 1/72 vulcan instructions and is willing to scan them and email a copy to me?. This is the “Vulcan to the Sky” boxing, see this thread for instructions relevant to the Falklands 25th Anniversary and regular boxings. Airfix Instruction Sheets available for free download.

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Thanks for taking the time to post the link. Mould Boogers insructions odd drips or lumps of plastic or resin that mar a kit part. Sadly, no Vulcan is actively flying, mostly because of the immense costs involved in such an endeavor. By this etch is very fiddley.

1/72 Airfix Vulcan instructions – Cold War –

Its not the relative complexity, but a mixture of very poor instructions read almost non-existantbadly fitting parts and MASSES of remedial work on the parts themselves. Looks like melted mozarella cheese and was supposed to dry clear. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. By model mobJune 16, in Cold War.

Airfix Instruction Sheets

Need to get cracking soon as you may run out of time to have it complete by the end of July or be working on it into the small hours. The crew access door and boarding ladder were attached after more fussing.

It’s way too brittle. A final coat of Polly Scale clear flat topped everything off. Much appreciated For today’s update, this might sound a bit harsh but Some fabulous etch details there Gray and nice reference material too.


A few queries on various modeling discussion boards resulted in nearly instant responses from Vulcan experts on the proper colors and markings.

Airfix Instruction Sheets

When done, I popped off the glue with a toothpick. Today, there are a few left in museums, and a couple are technically airworthy. The Freightdogmodels sheet indicates that the modeller should use the stencil instructions from the Airfix sheet, unfortunately the MPC boxing I have does not have instructions for the placement of the stencils. Then the tape was placed culcan on the model and the color sprayed.

I’ve yet to tangle with PE – though I’ve got a first set on its way from Hannant’s – but it occurs to me that sticking the whole sheet onto masking tape or sticky-backed plastic before cutting ought to stop that from happening That said, if ever in doubt, ask away and this is the please to do that.

I generally find that clicking on the side vids can bring up other tutorials that are relevant too. CaptnBirdseye attached the following image s: Dry-fitting the wings to the two fuselage halves reveal major gaps in virtually every area.

Further updates to follow Regards Gray Try usung pva glue and jig your part. I suppose one could scratchbuild FOD covers, but even then major seam work would be required to blend the pieces into the front edge of the wing. Cockpit detail is limited to a floor, two seats, a decal instrument panel and two control sticks. If the etch part is load bearing youcan always reinforce with ca afterwords Alternativly you try using ca gel i fing the ca gel from zapp very good If you show me phot of the problem part i am sure i can help.


Here is tonight’s progress. Since the windows are tiny and oddly shaped, I used blobs of white glue nistructions seal them before painting. Lovely work, and that etch aifrix is definitely worth the effort.

I’ve also heard the word used as a noun, to describe the parts themselves, or to describe a forthcoming instrucitons with PE. While slightly tedious, this worked very well. Already have an account?

This is what is so great about the on-line world — you can ask a question and get numerous helpful answers. I am building the MPC boxing of this knstructions and intend using the Freightdogmodels sheet for the decals. Percevier with the etch it will be worth it. The demarcation lines are all hard, so I used drafting tape for the considerable masking required.

Underwing pylons were fitted for the use of Shrike anti-radiation missiles, provided as a courtesy by the US Air Force.

Register a new account. It was a unique subject, one you never aircix built up, and it represented a challenge with its poor fit and Airfix engineering. Need to get cracking soon as you may run out of time to have it complete by the end of July or be working on it into the small hours Admin https: