Ahmed Chalabi, an Iraqi exile, studies for his doctorate in math at the University of Chicago where he gets to know Albert Wohlstetter, a prominent cold-war. Albert Wohlstetter (born , died 10 January, ) was a neo-conservative ideologue and long time director of the Rand Corporation. Albert Wohlstetter: international relations: Between the two world wars: Kissinger, and Albert Wohlstetter. Other issues that were addressed in the vast literature.

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Facts about ” Albert Wohlstetter “. Bush Administration is Split on Bosnia Policy. Wohltsetter that also raise a question then if you’re looking at leader who truly is brutal, [inaudible], raising that question, and also maybe someone who doesn’t necessarily think the way you do. Lang and the Wohlstetters spend an hour and a half discussing world affairs, philosophy, and various famous and influential friends of the Wohlstetters.

Burns who gave Albert the job. If there was anything anathema to Leo Strauss it was analytical philosophy. Herman Kahn and the Nuclear Age”.

Albert Wohlstetter

Wolfowitz immediately begins arguing for the need to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Europe. Albert James Wohlstetter December 19, — January 10, was an influential and controversial nuclear strategist during the Cold War. But secondly and importantly, to be able to avoid unnecessary loss of innocent life in war.


Papers of John F. According to Perle, he and Wolfowitz were introduced to each other by Wolfstetter when he thought they could work wwohlstetter in on the debate taking wohsltetter in the Senate over the ballistic missile defense.

The second requirement is that “the delivery systems must be able to reach their targets and to penetrate defenses on their way to the target. A Rebel In Defense of Tradition: He and his wife Roberta Wohlstetteran accomplished historian and intelligence expert, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Ronald Reagan on November 7, Origins and Evolution, albet Ph.

This effort is in part motivated by concerns raised by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Profile: Albert Wohlstetter

Clearly, I had failed the test. It is unprecedented to allow outsiders to have so much access to highly classified CIA intelligence as Bush is granting the Team B neocons, so the entire project is conducted in secret. He has studied with two of the most eminent professors of the s.

Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis in Wohlstetter, Albert; Coleman, Sinclair October In Hoffman, Fred S. Wohlstetter, Albert June He was one of the inspirations for the film Dr. Archived from the original on What is ‘reasonable’ is wohlsfetter, depending on the defense spending in any particular country. Intwo French journalists wohlsyetter for Le Monde Paris tried to summarize Wohlstetter’s ideas on nuclear strategy.


His intellectual integrity is renowned, and his analytical standards have been increasingly and unceasingly rigorous. Khurram Husain, American Dreams.

Albert Wohlstetter – IMDb

The Uncontrolled Upward Spiral”. Retrieved 27 March Wohlstetter was a significant actor in the deception leading to the invasion of Iraq in Wohlstetter, Albert January The National Interest Race Differences in Income: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

In combination, these political concerns give Bush the justification he wants to push forward with the Team B experiment. Rivals but No “Race ” “. In Gilpin, Robert; Wright, Christopher. His understanding on many levels has been indispensable to the well-being of the free world. Wohlstetter’s ‘The Delicate Balance of Terror’ was highly influential in shaping the thinking of the Washington foreign policy establishment, particularly in its emphasis on the looming threat of Soviet attack.

Wohlstetter started at Columbia Law School on a fellowship in It is now known that the terrorism that destabilized Turkey in the late s was predominately the work of secret groups run by the Turkish military in conjunction with the CIA and NATO.