Sacred Texts Islam. THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS. BY AL GHAZZALI. CLAUD FIELD, translator [b. , d. ]. []. Title Page · Contents · Editorial Note. Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life, provides a succinct introduction to both the theory and practice of Sufism (Islamic . Ihya-ul-ulum Ghazzali says: “The matter went so far that certain persons boasted of a union with the The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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By knowledge it subdues the elephant, the camel and the tiger. Al-Ghazzali doesn’t necessarily give the reader a road map to maneuvering this knowledge, and threading the path of life to nappiness said love. The elements of its four humors, blood, phlegm, bile and black bile, are fire, air, water and earth.

Man’s felicity, which consists in the contemplation of the beauty of God, cannot be vouchsafed to him, until the eye of his judgment is opened.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. But as Islamism consists essentially in believing and confessing the Lord God and the future world, it becomes our duty to acquire a knowledge of the future world as far as the thing is possible. One is through visions, by which revelations are made to all men. No doubt it was golden age of Islam. It follows, therefore, that man was not created for these things, but rather to serve God and to grow in the knowledge of him. It is possible that there is a peculiarity in prophets, of which no pattern or model is found in other persons, and therefore, we are incapable of understanding them.

And since they did abstain from such little things, regarding them as injurious, how should it be otherwise than injurious to these foolish people to drink wine, in full bowls and even by the jar full?

The Alchemy of Happiness Index

There were some great portions that helped me understand various aspects of Islamic eschatology, theology and cosmology; these parts which constitute 7 out of 8 chapters were excelle I read The Alchemy of Happiness as translated by Claud Field as part of an exploratory paper that I was writing to complete my undergraduate program! It is possible also for persons of pure minds to acquire a knowledge of some arts and sciences without instruction, and it is also possible alchey some persons should alchemt all things opened up to them by the will of God.


If you are endowed chiefly with the qualities of devils, which consist in evil machinations, deceit and delusion, then you should know and be aware of it, that you may turn towards the path of perfection. There is occasion therefore for making distinctions between our acts; but these distinctions, the individual is not capable of making for himself, because the animal soul necessarily casts a veil over the truth and inclines it to vanity.


For the soul has been created with these qualities and affections, and human nature cannot be changed. Yet as the animal soul and desire, on account of their intimate relations with the body, are so essential to it, their influence would still have been predominant.

The seventh form of error, beloved, is that of the class whose mistakes arise from ignorance o carelessness, while they have never heard any thing of these doubts of which we have been speaking. It is found in animals. He sees the plants and medicines that could cure it, perhaps even holds them in his hands, and is not aware of it.

Beloved, the falsehood and error of these people appear from this consideration. If his head pain him, he knows not the cause or the remedy.

To view it, click here. It follows that it is our duty not to deny either the saintship or the miracles of the saints, but to acknowledge them as real. The Creator himself will be acknowledged to be almighty and perfect.

The body is earth and must therefore return to its original earth. Unless a man has reached perfection and the rank of Superior, nothing will be revealed to him, except in cases of special divine grace and merciful providence, and this occurs very rarely.

Each internal and external organ has various curious uses, of which man is entirely uninformed. All these kinds of knowledge, it acquires with its internal and external senses. They selected the places in the ship Edition: The science of the structure of the happinness is called anatomy: It is besides a dangerous place, and whoever remains here will perish. Although as has been seen, the power of performing signs, miracles and sorceries belongs to the heart when its faculties are in perfect operation, ghazlai there are important destinations between these powers.


I am submissive to the holy law: If you look only to the strength of a man, what is more impotent than he is. Despite being a brilliant mind, and a thinker ahead of his time, Al-Ghazzali if not immune alcgemy the sexism of his age Thazali is not until you get to that chapter that you realize he is really only talking to men, as if spiritual duties were a gendered thing. Al-Ghazali breaks down his book in four parts: He is particularly noted for his brilliant synthesis of mysticism and traditional Sunni Islam.

He strives to appropriate to himself whatever haopiness sees in the city, which is the body. In short, of whatever enjoyment he partakes, regret is ghazaki to follow it. The first advantage will be, that in learning the composition thazali the thing made, and thereby gaining a comprehensive and condensed view of all other things like it he will see that it is impossible to discover imperfection or incompetence in the being who has created him in such perfection.

It has been printed also in Persian at Calcutta. And whoever is of a narrow mind will not be able to appreciate that signs and miracles are influences proceeding from the heart of man, unless he should learn it by external teaching. But it shows us, that though God is disposed to cover and hide sin, still he is an absolute sovereign happinesss an avenger. He is thus made to become weary of the world by means of the scourge of melancholy and suspicion, and so with the bridle of the will may be impelled towards the Deity.

But we ought to know that the love of God will never reign in the heart of a man until first the knowledge of God reigns there, and until the remembrance of God becomes unceasing.

It is as much as to say, that there are large things, but that God is larger than they are. But the existence of his spirit would not be at the same time shut out from his view.