Alcmaeon of Croton was an early Greek medical writer and . Later authors such as Iamblichus (VP , ), Philoponus (De An. p. 88), and. Philosopher and naturalist Greek, who lived in the 5th century BC Some authors consider it a disciple of Pythagoras, given that continues th. View the profiles of people named Alcmeon de Crotona. Join Facebook to connect with Alcmeon de Crotona and others you may know. Facebook gives people.

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The crotoan isonomia of the opposing powers which make lacmeon the body e. There is, however, little direct evidence for his work as a practicing physician. Alcmaeon is also the first to argue that the brain is the central organ of sensation and thought DK, A5, A8, A As a result, they are incapacitated when it is disturbed or changes its place, for it then stops the channels, through which the senses operate.

Aristotle wrote a treatise responding to him, Plato may have been influenced by his argument for the immortality of the soul, and both Plato and Philolaus accepted crofona view that the brain is the seat of intelligence. Cambridge University Press, — The best overview in English. We might even suppose that the soul tries to impose such a structure on the body from alcmeob own circular motion but ultimately fails Guthrie These reports are not inconsistent and conform to the epistemology with which Alcmaeon began his book.

There is also the possibility that Fr. Nothing more is known of the events of his life. Most scholars follow Aristotle, however, in supposing that Alcmaeon thought that the human body and perhaps the cosmos is constituted from the balance of an indefinite number of opposites. Milesian Thales Anaximander Anaximenes.


Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. It seems likely, however, that Alcmaeon distinguished between human beings as individual bodies, which do perish, and as souls, which do not Barnes He was the first to develop an argument for the immortality of the soul.

This epistemology involves three steps: Just as Anaximander explained the order of the cosmos in terms of justice in the city-state, so Alcmaeon used a political metaphor to explain the order of the human body. A majority of scholars up to the middle of the twentieth century followed this tradition. So A5 is the fifth testimonia about Alcmaeon listed in DK. La Nuova Italia, Vol.

Pluralist Anaxagoras Archelaus Empedocles. Alcmaeon agrees with these Pythagoreans in regarding the opposites as principles of things. A book titled On Nature is attributed to him, though the original title may be different. Referred to as [DK]. Moreover, while humans cannot attain clarity about what cannot be perceived, Alcmaeon thinks that they can make reasonable judgments from the signs that are presented to them by sensation tekmairesthai.

Alcmeón de Crotona

Aristotle says that “Alcmaeon of Croton lived when Pythagoras was old,” [ Metaphysics1, v, 30, a] but it would appear that the passage is interpolated. Indeed, these terms are not found elsewhere in the Greek medical tradition. Death occurs when the blood withdraws entirely. Alcmaeon explained each of the alcmeonn senses with the exception of touch, but these accounts are fairly rudimentary.


Unfortunately he gives no general account of how Alcmaeon did think sensation worked DK, A5. Plato makes no mention of Alcmaeon in the passage. The idea that health depends on a balance of opposed factors in the body is a commonplace in Greek medical writers.

Alcmeón de Crotona – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

Thus, whether a practicing physician or not, Alcmaeon undoubtedly owes some of his interest in human physiology and psychology to the medical tradition in Croton. Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database.

Mirror Sites View this site from another server: Most of the subjects that Alcmaeon went on to discuss in his book could not be settled by a direct appeal to sense perception e.

Barnes— and Hankinson30—3 provide the most insightful analysis. Alcmaeon thought that the soul moved itself in continual motion and was therefore immortal and like to the divine.

As indicated in section 1 above, cfotona is considerable controversy as to whether and to what extent Alcmaeon was a typical Presocratic cosmologist. VP and from Metapontum in others VP drotona, We might well recognize that things slcmeon souls, i. This is, in fact, not a fragment but a testimonium and much of the language comes from the doxographical tradition rather than Alcmaeon.