ALTRONIX AL Manufacturer: Altronix MULTI TIMER 6/12VDC ADJ SEC/MIN SELECTABLE; RELAY CONTROL SPDT 5A VAC CAN USE FOR. : Altronix Digital Timer Home Improvement. Altronix ®. Multi-purpose Timer with enhanced features (replaces models and ). Overview: Model programmable timer is suitable for.

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Includes local camera license and support for any Milestone or Salient camera. Kit expandable altronlx 8 readers with 2 x MR The anti-graffiti apparatus comprises at least one passive infrared sensor which is electrically connected to at least one in-line valve which in turn is connected to a series of sprinkler spray heads which will spray water or other graffiti removing substances onto the walls.

Specifically, the anti-graffiti apparatus is custom designed for a particular application such that the plurality of passive tumer sensors, the plurality of in-line valves and the plurality of two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads xltronix vary depending on the situation, and only one each will be described in detail. The Hill Patent discloses an alcohol spray cleaning system for spraying flammable solvent. Visitor Badge – Paper for Zebra 8 hour expiring 4″ wide x 2.

By way of example, the water supply conduit 30 is preferably brass material or any other suitable material.

The following six 6 prior art patents were uncovered in the pertinent field of the present invention:. It has no input. Items that must go by LTL Freight Carrier due to size or weight restrictions, buyer will be contacted to pay additional freight. I had wanted to pu t something together from components but my brain aktronix too far behind these d ays.

US5528220A – Anti-graffiti apparatus – Google Patents

Jim Contact options for registered users posted on August 30,1: The apparatus in accordance with claim 17 further comprising another timer means for automatically activating and deactivating aktronix apparatus.


The components of the anti-graffiti apparatus 10 are designed to be compatible with pre-existing plumbing equipment of the building 4 so that the cost in manufacturing the components for the anti-graffiti apparatus 10 is substantially reduced.

Mounting of one 1 reader – Hidden. Aperio Rim Exit Device. Wire Speed Kit – Three board enclosure power and data wiring kit includes RS harness and precut power pairs and trigger pairs for use in enclosures with lock control. The interior deterrents include a second set of motion detectors for signalling nozzles to dispense water and electrifying both the interior walls and interior doors of the vestibule.

Return and Warranty Policy Please click here to view our return policy. Honeywell SWP plain white strobe.

IR Mini Dome Camera – 1. I just don’t understand some people I guess. The passive infrared sensor 18 has a cover range of 50 feet away from the building wall.

Looking for a Low Cost On Delay Timer

These areas are constantly being defaced by taggers. The following six 6 prior art patents were uncovered in the pertinent field of the present invention: The anti-graffiti apparatus in accordance with claim 5 wherein said means for electrically powering said anti-graffiti apparatus is a volts alternating current supply.

It uses a timer chip. A logic circuit is connected to the fire sensor and the fire extinguishing device for actuating the fire extinguishing device as driven by the fire sensor. Kit expandable to 8 readers with 3 x MR Pedestal Top – Frosted Glass – per bollard. It is normal that the timer means 40 is capable of being connected to six or more in-line valves.

Project Management – Business Hours.

USA – Anti-graffiti apparatus – Google Patents

If the kiosk or keypad includes a reader, a separate reader license is also needed. Mercury Alarm Display Terminal. BluPASS can be valid for one-time use only, or for a designated period.

Guv Bob Contact options for registered users posted on August 21, altrojix, 5: The sensor is mounted within the protective armor and directed down towards the ground and is adjacent the side wall of the building where graffiti is likely to be tagged. Printing of floor Life Safety Org Charts. The apparatus comprises two pole type devices affixed to the ground in front of the wall structure and having sensors mounted on the poles at a location elevated from the ground. A fire extinguishing system is used for spraying a fire retardant fluid onto an exterior surface of an associated roof.


Supply is typically VDC.

While the former may not matter to you or to most as a oneoff, if he has to build of them, it can be significant. Includes cloud camera licenses to view live and recorded video from anywhere and to store and distribute video events.

Manual Details

The sensor is mounted within the protective armor and directed down towards the ground and is adjacent the side wall of the building where graffiti is likely to occur. It is therefore highly desirable to have a very efficient and also very effective design and construction of an anti-graffiti apparatus which has the capability of rapidly and effortless spraying a building wall or any other structure with water or other lubricating substance to prevent the spray paint from adhering to the structure and also to deter the potential tagger who may flee to avoid being alronix.

The air is exhausted to create a negative pressure within the chamber. Converter – 1 Reader. The two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler nozzles 22 and 24 are mounted within the protective armor 12 and protrude out from their respective apertures 28 for spraying water against a specific area of the building wall 2.