About the Book Amanaskayoga is a text on layayoga which gives valuable technique of laya to transcend the mundane world which it considers to be a fancy. The Amanaska Yoga is a dialogue between the Hindu God, Īśvara and the sage, Vāmadeva, on a system of Yoga that leads to liberation in this. Documents Similar To Amanaska Yoga – Gorakhnath Damar Tantra. Uploaded by. Anonymous 4aChpF1hZ. Gorakh Darshan. Uploaded by.

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Full text of “The Amanaska Yoga”

This is a body possessed of all the Yogic Siddhis, including the ability to transmute base metals into gold with one’s execrements, spittle etc” White,p Raja-Yoga and it’s Practice. Therefore, in strict terms, it is not correct to call this text, the ‘Amanaska Yoga’. I really like this website! I I amaaska not found conclusive evidence that Goraksanatha wrote the Yogablja, though there is circumstantial evidence, if one accepts Jeffrey Ruff’s estimate of ykga age of the Yoga Bija; ‘the Yogasiddhamrta or Yogablja was written no later than as it is quoted in the Hathayogapradlpka.

And, balancing boldily fluids is mentioned in the Hathapradipika IV, 5 as toga known as samadhi; ‘tada samarasatvam ca samadhirabhidhlyate’ 48 From I, 38; a pala is 6 breaths.

However, for reasons previously discussed, it is unlikely that he is the author. In huge Amnaaska literature, the works published on yoga branch are very little in number.

This results in the absorption laya of the breath I, The apparatus of the vidyadharayantra was also known as Sambhavi mudra in alchemy 3. The divergence begins in the fourth verse, to which MS Mys adds the line, ‘dehinam prapayed yas tu rajayogah sa ucyate’. Ironically, in this the preface to this book, Gopanath Kaviraj writes, ‘Some people think that this text was written by Goraksanatha.


Before arriving, it is helpful to obtain a written letter of permission from the library to copy the manuscript, which can be presented to the librarian upon arrival. The following libraries were helpful in providing manuscripts: Qmanaska name, ‘viparitakarani’ is found in Hatha Yoga texts. Kanda literally means part, portion or chapter; and so ‘a number of one’s actions’, is a broader possibility.

The progression of laya, however, begins with a ‘mere moment’ nimesamatra and moves gradually through periods of pranas; palas; kalas i. Indeed, because he does not think about anything, the highest reality appears naturally.

Amanaskayoga, Amanaska-yoga: 2 definitions

It appears as though the state of amanaska is a higher stage of laya. For a detailed discussion of kala, see White,p MS is not helpful in resolving this variation because its verses are not numbered and, so the lines may be coupled either way. MSSand place this line in the fifth verse.

If this fist were the clenched hands held behind the head in a classical headstand and if the Yogi were gazing on the space between the eyebrows, then his clenched hands would feel as though they are above the direction of his gaze c. It follows the recension of the published texts for the second chapter, but does not have the additional verses at the beginning of chapter one. The sound is made without a visaya sense object and it changes in various ways as the Amabaska moves more deeply into absorption.

This catalogue provides amznaska list of forty-seven manuscripts. And the absorbed mind has become without movement in the highest degree and is accompanied by bliss.

When the earth- element has been completely attained, the best of yogis becomes like a diamond. Some texts combine yogic and tantric practices with various alchemical operations. However, there is no evidence to indicate that svalaksa has ever been used in this way. In the average person, “The down-looking Moon showers nectar and the Sun with his up-turned mouth swallows it ” varsaty adhomukhaS candro grasaty amanaskx ravih 58 See also the Hathapradipika III, The author of Amanaska Yoga refers to Hatha Yoga’s sun and moon metaphysics, which is not mentioned by Patanjali.


As always, I can count on Exotic India to find treasures not found in stores in my area. After eight nights in absorption, the Yogi is no longer afflicted by hunger and thirst I, In other Hatha texts, laya is a synonym for samadhi Hathapradipika, IV, 3,4which is not properly translated as meditative state. Owing to its idiosyncrasies and critical views, the Amanaska Yoga is not easily classified as belonging to a particular type of Yoga, though it has been called Laya Yoga 8 and Raja Yoga.

Indeed, the Amanaska Yoga sets itself apart. Both have been written on loose sheets of paper in an informal style of handwriting. You have to be a member in order to post comments.

The Amanaska Yoga

Definition – What does Amanaska mean? II, 15 closely resembles a verse common to Hatha texts.

Gopanath Kaviraj, in his introduction to Yognath Swami’s edition, has understood this division as follows: And he would always hold himself very steady like the edge of the horizon. Greater weight has been oyga to the older manuscripts that are complete and relatively free of errors. At other libraries, the process of copying manuscripts is made impractical because of the time the bureaucratic process takes b.

Amanaska is also the name of an 11th- or 12th-century Raja yoga text that, amanazka other things, teaches sambhavi mudra eyebrow center gazing to achieve this state of no thoughts.