: Anna in the Tropics (TCG Edition) (): Nilo Cruz: Books. This page guide for “Anna In The Tropics” by Nilo Cruz includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 2 chapters, as well as several more. The Anna in the Tropics Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author by Nilo Cruz.

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The community consisted of workers from all ethnic backgrounds, though Cuban exiles comprised the largest group, with Sicilians, Germans, Romanian Jews, Spaniards, and even a few Chinese composing the remainder of the population.

Taking place in in a cigar factory, the play tells a poignant story of workers who would listen to a lector read a story as they roll cigars. Violence, as depicted by the savage game of cockfighting, suggests that skill, cunning, and might will always win. Sep 27, Marybeth rated it really liked it. Palomo opens the book and looks at Conchita as he prepares to read a passage about Anna Karenina’s husband and an important decision he has reached.

Juan Julian announces that Anna Karenina pronounced Ah-nah Kar-eh-neen-ah with a Cuban accent will be his first selection. Trivia About Anna in the Tropics.

Anna in the Tropics (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

They greeted Columbus and his men with the kindness and generosity that were honored Taino values. She closes the book before he grabs her by the arm.

What happens when people refuse to change, will not accept technological advances, and do not know how to cope in a world that has passed them by? If you are sad, it brings out your sadness. The Tainos bu about naked, their bodies decorated with colorful dyes made from earth, and they lived in homes constructed of thatch and Royal Palm.

Until the last scene. Conchita asks Palomo if he has ever heard the voice of a deaf person because this raw, untempered voice is the one she wants to use to tell him about her longing for him. Cruz links triangles within triangles as the tropice approaches its denouement, bringing character’s motivations into bold relief.


She casts a spell to bring the lector to the factory, but then wets herself when she discovers that the spell has worked all too well. The simple, essentially uneducated employees of a tropifs factory in Tampa, Florida’s Ybor City in are introduced to an unfamiliar, exciting world when their new lector, who breaks up the day’s monotony by reading books and poetry aloud, Juan Julian, reads to them from Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Infidelity, money tropids, and violence spring to the surface as the family members grapple with their new found understanding of life and relationships.

Anna in the Tropics – Nilo Cruz

That’s when, says Juan Julian, “I became a listener and I learned to appreciate stories and the sound of words. There are no discussion topics on this book tropicw. Ultimately, the play is about the transformative power of art, and I’m down for that. Contact Arthur Lazere May 5, Everyone has a good laugh bu Ofelia’s expense, herself included.

The light of stars. Dramatically speaking, Cruz realizes the importance of the lector as a catalyst for change within the cigar factory.

I love the ending!! In this essay, Remy considers the ways in which Cruz uses a triangular structure to develop character relationships within the play.

Anna in the Tropics – Nilo Cruz Review | CultureVulture

It feels right, but if I’ve learned anything in forty years, it’s not to trust my sense of nostalgia for things that occurred before I was born. There is a great deal of ominous change threatening the well-being of cigar workers and a strong sense of personal dissatisfaction, and a widespread involvement in gambling when into this mixture arrives one Juan Julian to serve as a lector. I read Anna Karenina for another class and was almost done with it when I read this.

Jan 15, Brina rated it really liked it Shelves: Ashamed of his actions, Santiago admits to having been a fool. By placing one of his characters in opposition to two others who meet tragic fates, Cruz presents a love triangle that surpasses Tolstoy’s model in terms of sheer melodrama. This, says Conchita, is because he read to them “with his heart. Marela arrives for work wearing a coat, her pockets “full of December, January and February. Palomo, on the other hand, shifts his loyalty as the mood suits him.


The second act begins with Juan Julian’s recorded voice reciting a passage from Anna Karenina in which the narrator explores the “complexity” of Anna’s feelings as she reflects upon “all that was in her soul. Anna in the Tropics is a play by Nilo Cruz. Santiago has no money to buy cigarettes, but Ofelia refuses to give him any money, calling him “a drunk, a thief and a-good-for-nothing gambler.

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Marela, believing that her spell has “ruined” the lector’s arrival, vows to return home to remove his name from the glass of water. I was standing ceuz looking at his books and thinking how amazing it was that this writer won a Pulitzer, and now I’ve been given one, too.

The women then discuss dreams and whether it is foolish to have them.

Anna in the Tropics

They employ reason and sound judgment when making their decisions even though they know that their decision goes against the current trend. Thus, she forms amna barrier between the two brothers though her allegiance remains quite clear. Light that penetrates through cracks. I also saw the play a few years ago and enjoyed that experience more than just reading it.

We have a champion! Marela insists that it is the responsibility of the living to look after the dead “so they can cfuz part of the world. Juan Julian offers to read from another book when Marela learns that, in Juan Julian’s opinion, the book is “Quite romantic. The city was named after Vicente Martinez Ybor, a Spaniard who, like his business partners Gavino Gutierrez and Ignacio Haya, immigrated to Cuba in the nineteenth century. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

Meanwhile, Marela, Conchita, and Ofelia stand by the seaport waiting for the cigar factory’s new lector to arrive.