Proyecto HENNA Vuelve con una temporada más de la obra Ansia de Sarah Kane. Estaremos en el Centro Cultural Nosotros Dos Los día 3 – 4 – 10 y 11 de julio. Ansia – Psicosis by Sarah Kane, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy Ansia – Psicosis (Gran Teatro) by Sarah Kane (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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A fuck-you suicide note intended for the world kaje see. Her published work consists of five plays and one short film, Skin. They are characterised by a poetic intensity, pared-down language, exploration of theatrical form, and, in her earlier work, the use of stylized violent stage action.

Ansia – Psicosis by Sarah Kane (2 star ratings)

Do you feel nothing? Auriane rated it it was ok Apr 01, If they had had tomatoes, they would have thrown them. Oct 22, A. It heavily deals with depression and suicide and self harm. It reads more kanf a long poem. Return to Book Page. Depression is not an easy topic to read about, even when it is portrayed in compelling formal prose as in The Bell Jar.

I need to re-read it. How can one attempt reading this book for the second time? Or perhaps that should be empathy. Are you one of those that can be spotted in a coffee shop high on caffeine and admiring the recent painting of Prozac pills raining on a chalk-black sky whilst commenting on it with your in-the-know friends?

My only issue with Kane is ever, with such a blatant emphasis on sui A couple years back, I saw an experimental version of this play which was atrocious. Nevertheless, I have to give kaane to Sarah for describing her feelings and mental state so sickeningly well. When depression visits I shall hang myself to the sound of my lover’s breathing How could anyone review a book like this?? Fuck you for rejecting me by never being there, fuck you sraah making me feel like shit about myself, fuck you for bleeding the fucking love and life out of me, fuck my father for fucking up my life for good and fuck my mother for not leaving him, but most of all, fuck you God for making me love a person who does not exist.


This play is an open window into the mind of a brilliant writer whose depression has reached a point qnsia no return. Marwa Anska rated it it was ok Feb 24, This book is kxne yet featured on Listopia. Preview — Ansia – 4. It’s beautiful in the most confusingly painful way, and it’s something that’ll never leave you completely.

Genre-bending, twisted, beautiful, and complex, this is a play for everyone. But most of all, fuck you God for making me love a person who does not znsia. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

I loved the performance and afterwards I read the play and loved it as well. No characters are named, and even their number is unspecified.

Ansia – Psicosis : Sarah Kane :

Definitely I did not enjoy reading this but I do believe that it was worth-reading. Structurally there are some really darah choices – and the idea of the performance as a blank canvas means so it would be far more interesting to see performed. Elif rated it it was ok Feb 06, Incredibly intense, but not user-friendly.


Patrick rated it it was ok Sep 18, I feelt so bad after reading this book considering the close relationship the book has with the author. No characters are named, and even their number is unspecified. On the page, 4.

Ansia – Sarah Kane

This is a love it or ansoa it play. Not in terms of grappling with the meaning but with the emotions involved. And depressing as hell. Her published work consists of five plays and one short film, Skin. I would’ve said that the play was a bit too dramatic, however, it IS a suicide noteso I think it was as emotional as should be.

Want to Read saving…. Her amazing way of using language is remarkable. And said it was nice to see me. How can one attempt reading this book for xnsia second time?

Your truth, your lies, not mine. By never being there. Then they walked out.

Return to Book Page. It’s too overwhelming that you cannot explain the whole deal of emotions that you sxrah through while reading such a book! On the page, 4.

There is not much drama left; the mind has made a decision, there could be a certain peace, but there is a fight with the outside world, and with people, stories, and memories that are keeping one tied to this life.

This is sarqh very difficult book to read.