A sensuous and lust-filled otherworld?from a?sinfully hot?(Ilona Andrews, author of Magic Bites) bestselling author. The Chosen are vampires. Buy a cheap copy of The Chosen Sin book by Anya Bast. A sensuous and lust- filled otherworld?from a?sinfully hot?(Ilona Andrews, author of Magic Bites). A sensuous and lust-filled otherworld?from a?sinfully hot?(Ilona Andrews, author of Magic Bites) bestselling author. The Chosen are vampires fighting for their.

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In the future sometime after on the Darpong planet. I loved Alejandro in all his alpha sexiness; and Daria was a nice counterpoint to his ‘straight man’ personality. The only character who had any fire in him was Alejandro and he couldn’t carry the entire book on his own.

I was surprised with the scene where Sante entered the bedroom of Daria and Alej and required that they perform certain activities in front of him to prove that they were truly mated. My favorite part of the book was the bad guy Sante.

The chosen sin / Anya Bast – Details – Trove

Now she’s finally about to get her chance, on one condition. However, the science was iffy it would have improved greatly if only there wasn’t randomly another galaxy thrown in there – as another reviewer said, why another galaxy?

A Shiver of Light. Master in Shining Armor. I would love this to be a series but not sure if it is. And Daria doesn’t trust Brandon Nichols, thinks he’s shifty, and yet chooses to sleep in the alcove of his door. Daria is bastt government policewoman.


By the time the ending came, I was ready to throw the book in the driveway and run over it. Use the Contact Page to submit reviews or let us know if you have any questions. Embrace of the Damned.

I found this book to be light erotica which is still pretty darn hot for mainstream. Tempt Me with Darkness. Admittedly, I had to read it hiding in my isn and in the bath, not the most ideal places but certainly private. The deed was done. Ok so I really liked the book but I wish there was a tad more to the end I’m missing pages and have other pages re-printed in their stead So that’s what I loved about this one. My only possible negative comment would be that I found the culmination of the story and the comeuppance of the bad guy to be a little This was my first Anya Bast ahya and I really enjoyed it.

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Good Luck with That. But aside from that it’s one sexually charged read, with the tension between Daria and Alejandro built up so well their coming together no pun intended is explosive to say the least.

Then when a hit man shoots at Ari, Sante takes the hit for her and dies, saving her life. For this review I am using the word vampire rather than “the chosen” which is what they are called in the book. Some of my best reading is done in those spots.

I am however disappointed at the lack of information and side of the story the reader given about ‘bad g Though I understand the science fiction touch vampires and other humans now living in another galaxy because earth is over-populated The Chosen Sin could have easily done well as an average paranormal romance. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s taking place in this Chosen city haven, but the xhosen of it is lacking.


The Chosen Sin

There are so many government organizations, new planets and interesting cities, that I wanted to keep reading just to find out more about this new world that Anya Bast had created. Lots of hot vampire sex and a decent plot to go along with it. This was my first Anya Bast znya and I really enjoyed it. Ilona Andrews, author of Magic Bites bestselling author. I tend to get annoyed quickly with really evil protagonists. Sep 22, Blackbook added it Recommends it for: The worst part sij it was the first four chapters were amazing.

Alejandro, a newish vampire and former co-worker, turns her and goes undercover with her. As it is a futuristic time in the book there are many different technologies and terms used. I found her actions fairly cruel, in a way, since once she was turned she HAD to know how she was affecting Alejandro He was in her choswn of friends when she was betrayed by the man she loved and she turned to him for comfort In fact, he was a good guy in some ways. The story left a horrible taste in my mouth.