i Dalam bukunya Ampy kali (Diskursus Seksualitas Michel Foucault, , 15) dituiskan “ saat enempuh pendidikan di ENS, kecerdasan Foucault cukup. Michel Foucault is a major source for the idea in critical accounting and . Pemikiran Foucault setelah arkeologi pengetahuan adalah genealogi yang ditan – dai. Arkeologi pengetahuan /. Main Author: Foucault, Michel, Other Authors: Zoerni,. Published: Yogyakarta: Penerbit Qalam, Subjects.

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I think this book represents a lifetime of commas and semicolons which make the text difficult to follow at times. Open Preview See a Problem? Arkeologgi realization of his methodological tenets is groping, timid, and frustrating for its revision of use of terms like “discourse,” but its awkward rendering nevertheless sheds light on the thinker’s compelling philosophy and method, pairing well with the later History of Sexuality.

Michel Foucault in the foreground.

Now that I see it, watch me go forth. Foucault’s project was particularly influenced by Nietzsche, his “genealogy of knowledge” being a direct allusion to Nietzsche’s “genealogy of morality”.

Arkeologi Pengetahuan

This discursive approach is a calibration to its own in consistencies, seemingly for its own sake. One might say that all philosophy is an exploration, and pengetahun would be right, except that most often you explore to find solid footing. Sharfaraz rated it liked it Jun 27, Trivia About The Archaeology o Language referring to a concept changes over time.

Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, social theorist and historian of ideas. Books by Michel Foucault. Bila selama ini kita mengenal istilah arkeologi sebagai disiplin ilmu yang bertalian dengan kerja-kerja observatif-lapangan, misal penggalian temuan candi, Foucault, lah, yang mentransfernya ke ranah filsafat. Published October 15th by Pelangi first published It is more archaeology.


The exploration is interesting and thought-provoking, but, indeed, essentially it all boils down to an exploration. Pretty boring but fascinating. What makes this book annoying, and in my opinion incomplete, is that while Foucault is able to say what he is intending to do and what level of “cut” Foucault is taking to be the object of study, Foucault is still unable to unexplain how or why this occurs or of what benefit it will be.

Links within the wiki are in green. Selamat mengembara bersama pemuka post-modernisme ini. This book is also extremely influential for cultural criticism, as it highlights an approach to discourse, citing what discourse is and how discourse is to be understood as its own field. Mudah dimengerti, Foucaul Di antara sumbangan berharga Michel Foucault pada konstelasi keilmuan dan filsafat kontemporer ialah buku The Archaeology of Knowledge ini. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

His theories addressed the relationship between power and knowledge, and how they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions. Paperbackpages. October 15, Poitiers, France. For now, I enjoyed reading the conclusion and bits arkeologl the construction of his argument – so, a positive rating. I think it’s helpful to think of this book, which I admit I struggled through, micbel something of the introduction to the methodology that would later result in relative page-turners like Discipline and Punish and the three penngetahuan of The History of Sexuality.

In the s Foucault was associated with structuralism, a pengteahuan from which he distanced himself.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Several friends have recommended “Discipline and Punish” as a more gentle intro to Foucault, so I’ll try that. This book was a major influence.

Arkeologi Pengetahuan by Michel Foucault (3 star ratings)

The Discourse was much better than Archaeology, which was a real slog. Ia tanpa canggung sanggup menyenaraikan secara filosofis bagaimana kegilaan, misal, merupakan sumber dari terbangunnya suatu pereadaban. He spends a laborious amount of time constructing the exact definition of discourse that he is going to be discussing, as well as taking into consideration almost every counter-argument that could be used against him, that I felt I was reading an elaborate note tree instead of a piece of theory.

This isn’t to deny reality or truth, but it does help the reader appreciate all the nuances that go into subjects like history or science, as well as the various forces that shape them. Dalam menggunakan metode arkeologi, Foucault “menyepadankan” cara kerja arkeolog dengan genealogi suatu keilmuan.

Inyiak Ridwal Muzir translator.

So I guess I am saying this is very much a kind of aesthetics manifesto, or a discipline manifesto. Return to Book Page. Summer, Entry into the Ecole normale superieure, Paris.

Apa gerangan yang dimaksud gila oleh Foucault? Di antara sumbangan berharga Michel Foucault pada konstelasi keilmuan dan filsafat kontemporer ialah buku The Archaeology of Knowledge ini.