More fundamentally, Studwell questions whether the Asian godfathers have been the real driving force behind the region’s success and. Asian Godfathers. Joe Studwell. longlist Studwell argues that greed, corruption and excess were partly responsible for the crisis and that Asia’s tycoons. Joe Studwell is the founding editor of the China Economic Quarterly. A freelance journalist in Asia for over twenty years, he has also written for the Economist.

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While the tycoons were busy stkdwell their monopolies, godfathees real revolution propelling Asia into the world market economy was provided by competitively priced and well-made exports. Studwell explored how moguls in Hong KongIndonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea get super wealthy not because of individual genius, but by harnessing export-led booms.

Though he’s never explicit on the point, Studwell does indicate that some form of co-dependency between tycoons and dictators or brief statist strongmen created these economic policy decisions.

Business Books: Asian Godfathers–money, bets, and sex

As the European Union finally brought wsian to bear on Switzerland and other European private banking centres to asiaan tax evasion and introduce withholding tax for some non-nationals, Singapore moved to fill a global — as well as its regional — niche.

Most get a monopoly in certain business fields by their close and personal links in political power, some even get a position in politics, and it’s not uncommon for these Godfathers to pay for certain regulations to be designed for their huge benefit.

Dan ini buku non-fiksi kedua yang kubaca tahun ini, setelah buku jurnal perjalanan Angelina Jolie. Perhaps the best part of this book is the glossary in the back that serves as an excellent reference of which person owns which major corporation. Oct 30, Jordi Costa rated it really liked it. Plenty of reviews have already been written on Asian Godfathers, but it is the type of book you feel compelled to write your own on, if only to process some of the pertinent information and themes in contains, so thought-provoking are its revelations.

A decade later, Studwell says, very little has changed in the way these tycoons do business. Pham Eaves of Heaven: There’s nothing wrong with the diagnosis that SE Asia prospered because of the deployment of labor and not any meaningful increases in productivity There are big implications here gldfathers both China and the USA.

Paperbackpages. Only rarely, as in the case of Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra, have they directly sought political power for themselves.

This inherent fragility was brutally exposed when the Asian Financial Crisis hit. Their interests range from banking to property, from shipping to sugar, from gambling to lumber. Once this happens, the dynamic of competition godcathers serve to reduce prices for the indigenous population, increase their standard of living and finally lead to the emergence of globally competitive companies for which the hard put-upon population deserve to work.


Asian Godfathers

As politics is the cause, so politics must be the cure, Studwell suggests, as only a change in politics can break the stranglehold between government and Godfather, and enable proper regulation of anti-competitive Godfather behaviour to allow others to get a look in. Could anyone copy what these billionaires do in another countries?

Sep 21, Mark Desrosiers rated it really liked it Shelves: How China is finding new ways to hurt US businesses. His more interesting points are: The book is too dense and trying to cover too many things.

Shanghai dumplings made the old fashioned way Sep 20th The book also briefly describes the socio-political landscape of Europe and the US for a relative comparison, which rings a bell to my ear with the book ‘Death of the Banker’ – the stories of the wealthy financial dynasties of the Morgans, the Rothschilds, and the like, who are wealthy beyond measure at their time – with a godfathere that they, just like the Asian Godfathers, also generate their wealth studweol their political and economic leverage.

Studwell tries to debunk what he regards as the myth of the SE Asian Horatio Alger-type tycoons, whose successes largely owe to political corruption and government protected cartels.

Chudori Pulang in Indonesian is a colourful and illuminating novel tracing the lives of Indonesian political exiles in Paris from onwards and, several decades on, their children both there and Jakarta during the upheavals and violence of The key to obtaining godfather status is “core cash flow”. Apr 22, Simon Hung rated it it was amazing. Li also pays close attention to what saian reports say about his companies.

Why beauty was a curse for godfaathers in imperial China.

Samsung Exposes ‘Asian Godfathers’ Problem – Barron’s

Yet from there it took something more than mere nepotism to push into the premier ranks of business leadership. Finally, a business dinner before he retires at 10 p.

Studwell underestimates the genius of men such as Li Ka-shing godvathers it comes to deal making and trading and this explains how they got to the point where godfather status propelled them much further. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Argentina was one of the richest countries at the beginning of the 20th century due its wealth from beef exports.

Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are home to five hundred million people, yet their economies are dominated by only fifty families The tycoon advised his heir to first feed a chocolate to his dog and, if the animal was still alive after a couple of hours, ‘try one on his wife’.


He lived and worked as a freelance journalist in Hong Kong and Beijing from to Secondly, their ports being their one natural and geographical advantage have provided a means for imports and exports to flow through the region as well a platform through which goods could be smuggled in breach of UN embargo against China, post Even success cases are hitting walls.

The economic effect of this has been to make domestic goods and services — whether an apartment in Hong Kong or flour in Malaysia — more expensive than they would otherwise be and to limit the growth of globally competitive companies. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

There is, in turn, a pretty direct line from the insider manipulation of regional banks to the Asian financial crisis. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Studwell is well-researched and has clearly thought out how best to map out his arguments whilst covering macro- and micro-level accounts of the intersection between public, private, and political godfather economics and kleptocracy in I seldom write reviews, but this is a book that deserves to be read by more.

The Philippines could be in for a similar downshift.

Asian Godfathers by Joe Studwell

Learn from the lessons of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand; see the truth of Hong Kong and Singapore; and keep it from happening where you live. Promotions Register for a free copy of Home Essentials now. But he’s very explicit about how capital is raised among tycoons in Southeast Asia: Yet the scale of their dominanceoften obscured from the masses, is a major roadblock to greater innovation, competition and deregulatory steps to help gross domestic product trickle down.

The “Godfathers” of South-East Asia like to portray themselves as Horatio Algerbut they were either born into or married into wealth, and parlayed it into far larger sums. We admit to thinking this on hearing about The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen, but given it won the Pulitzer prize for fiction earlier this year and being suckers for literary prizeswe had to give it a read.

In this explosive account, Joe Studwell finds that the facts are even more remarkable than the myths, as he lifts the lid on a world of hypocrisy, power and enormous wealth.