Clamex P système d’assemblage. from Lamello Belgium. LIVE. 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Player error. The player is having trouble. Efficiently producing and assembling fitted cabinets using Cabineo. A stable, premounted connector – no additional dowels required. Ref. Diameter, Height, Bore, Number of teeth, Unit price, In Stock. 24, , 3,96, 22, 2V4. 0,00 €. 0. Buy all products that selected in the table.

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The Tenso P is a self-clamping connector with three functions: Then, while continuing to depress the tongue 40 is moved assemblate slightly the locking member 60 and is slid by the edge of its two lamellae engaging against the inner surface of the two panels 10, 20 until the slatscoming in front of the groove 51, 52 of both panels 10, 20 above the bottom 50 and can engage it.

Indeed, the recess is a countersunk portion bordering the inner side of each panel so that the channel 30 is cut and opens into the bearing surface this outlet not shown and the tongue 11 bastard is partially cut by the step forming the bearing surface. This movement can be done simply using a rod slipped into the groove. Other corners of the assemblqge panels and upper and lower panels have assemblabe homologous structure.

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According to another advantageous feature, the locking tab terminates at the rear by a lug forming a support or limit stop engagement travel of the tab in the channel. EE Free format text: Furniture cabinet, has panels whose locking grooves are supplemented to form channel receiving locking strip, where engagement of baton strip and assembly housing ensures blocking in direction and locking strip blocks assembly.

REF Ref document number: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. The general arrangement of the side walls 20A, 20B and the lower wall 10A and upper wall 10B, corresponds to the general principles of the construction of a cabinet or a box: Fixing device for wind-up-shaft and mechanism for actuating a shutter or sunshade with such a device.

LT Free format text: RO Free format text: Such housings may be constitutive of a modular system or elements be used individually. An edge bearing surface 15 of the latter panel is applied against an external support surface 25 of the former panel.


Would you like to glue drawers with 12 mm-thick-panels without any need for clamps or presses? GR Free format text: Fixing accessory for path son in cables, and son cable trays provided with at least such an accessory.

PLFP Year of fee payment: The cutout portion 55 of base panel 50 rises above the surface of the bottom panel 10A not to cut the locking groove 26 of the lqmello panel 20B shown on the left. The tab 42 also serves to disassemble the housing to facilitate removal of the tab.

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It does not open in the front, but only in the back not shown in this figure. This is how we do in the lamellocommunity 5 20 September, The fitting groove 21 is lined with a large surface 23 of support formed of two parts 23a, 23b and a small bearing surface The locking member also has the advantage of stall the bottom in the circumferential groove of the walls to avoid possible vibration of the bottom. This tab may be placed in the locking groove after manufacture of the panel so that the panels of a furniture box can be wrapped and packaged without worrying about the locking tabs the end user found and already installed.

The assembled box is shown here lying in a horizontal position. In case of misalignment along the assembly line, the assembly of the panels can optionally be corrected in a very simple manner so that the front and rear faces of the panels are perfectly aligned. The locking member 60 thus constitutes both a wedge to the bottom 50 and the locking tongue locking means 40 so that it can escape towards the rear side songsas a result of movements or vibrations to which the housing may be subject.

IE Ref legal event code: The large base 61 is provided with a connecting portion 62 dihedral bearing against the inner faces of the panels 10, 20 in the bearing surfaces So that the shape of the two assembly grooves 16, 26 does not appear on the wafer of the two assembled panels 10, The two locking grooves 16, 26 meet and form a channel 30 parallel to the axis of assembly and receiving a locking tongue PT Free format text: Advantageously, the locking member has a symmetrical shape with respect to the bi-sector plane of the junction of the two panels against which it is applied.


The large base of the locking member preferably has a notch substantially at right angles to the small base of notch for receiving the tool lever and prevent it from slipping on the long side of the large base. FI Free format text: Find out more at www. The other panels 10B, 20B have grooves 53, 54 in the same position so as to form a peripheral groove which receives the lmello of the panel forming the base 50, by simple engagement of the shape.

AT Assemb,age code of ref document: ES Kind code of ref document: The present invention aims to develop a furniture cabinet formed by the panel assembly and the realization of assemblge assembly to the corners of the box, can be simple, with guaranteed results and without requiring special knowledge the field of carpentry.

Folded pillars with lamello p-system.

Lamello grooving blade

Deposit taking and returning device for utility objects, such as luggage trolleys. MC Free format text: This embodiment has the advantage of ensuring that the locking tongue occupies the entire length of the groove and is not likely to block before reaching the end of the channel, in case an asperity constitute an obstacle accidental progression of the tongue along the channel.

IS Free format text: The introduction of locking tongues in the housing and assembled with its bottom ends all. This embodiment of the locking device ensures excellent timing of this body against the inside of both panels at their junction. PL Asseblage legal event code: According to another advantageous feature, the locking tab is split to accommodate the depth of the cabinet and in particular, the tab is subdivided by local reductions of section defining segments, particularly of different lengths for segments not manufacture that a type of tongue and adapt it to the depth of the furniture or caissons by simply removing one or more segments.

But these assembly methods require expertise to succeed a good assembly.