August Kubizek quotes Showing of “It was not sympathy in the ordinary sense which he [Adolf Hitler] felt for the disinherited. “So, in spite of all apparent contradictions, this strange love of Hitler for Stefanie falls into the pattern of his character. The Young Hitler I Knew — August Kubizek. Introduction — H.R. Trevor-Roper. Editor note: Roper was a jew reporter with close ties to British Intelligence. : The Young Hitler I Knew: The Definitive Inside Look at the Artist Who Became a Monster (): August Kubizek, Ian Kershaw: Books.

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How can one explain this strange mania? The poor guy, what a life She was a rather pretty girl, quiet and reserved. May 22, My Pseudonym kubizfk it really liked it. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Every day he had to make the long journey from Leonding into the town to school. He did not like his transfer to Steyr.

Again and again he was saved from complications by the hard exigencies of his duties. We were strolling along the Landstrasse when it happened. He was, and buddy Gustl reports on it in this book. Hitler, the failed, often homeless, artist who spent his young years in solitude composing grand schemes vs.

On April 8,after thirty years of separation, he met Hitier again, and the FiJhrer, who had just annexed Austria to the Reich, suggested to his former friend that he should resume, under his powerful patronage, a musical career; but Kubizek declined the offer and although he was sometimes taken by Hitler to the Wagner Festival atBayreuth, never sought to profit by his former friendship.

On the other hand it seemed strange that he had chosen as his friend just a simple upholsterer, who was always afraid that people would smell the glue with which he had been working during the day.

However, I don’t believe that is the case. He did not smoke, he did not drink, and in Vienna, for instance, he lived for days on milk and bread only. But hardly had he settled down in one of these places, when he began to move house.

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Adolf had disappeared into the shady augjst of the Metropolis. When he saw its humble furniture, he was strengthened in his belief that on this earth genius almost always goes hand in hand with poverty. With his refusal to enter the Civil Service, Adolf Hitler’s path diverges sharply from that of his father; it takes a different course, final and irrevocable.


Klara, who had continued living in the house during the time he was separated from his first wife, left on the second marriage and went to Vienna. He describes Hitler’s deep and abiding love for his mother, his occasional, totally unselfish acts such as cleverly persuading Kubizek’s father to allow his son to attend college to pursue the musical career he longed for — even his extreme fondness for sweets such as Viennese pastry. Once I got over the sympathy the author felt for Adolf.

On the other hand, he needed an effective counterweight to the town, which always troubled and excited him and made constant demands on his interests and his talents.

Hitler was afterwards able, in circumstances which he could not then have envisaged, to mobilise, like Satan in Hell, some of the best as well as some of the worst instincts of a defeated people: I surmised that he came from a better-class home, for he was always dressed with meticulous care and was very reserved.

With one great growl, the monster is animated and tears free from his shackles and wires. Apparently among all the grownups he accepted only one person, his mother.

By his own admission, Adolph had been a poor student in school and as a result, he was self-taught in most disciplines. Either that or a deep and abiding love. I was transformed as though now, for the first time, I had discovered myself. But Adolf matched this violence with his own youthful obstinacy, and the antagonism between father and son grew sharper.

August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in and over the next four years they became close friends, eventually sharing a flat together in Vienna.

It was, indeed, the great decision of his life. So he started to sulk and let things drift. Kubizek relates firsthand details of Hitler’s relationship at home, especially with his mother.

I don’t understand why Kubizek put up with him. He imagines Stefanie as his wife, builds the house in which they live together, surrounds it with a magnificent garden and arranges his home with Stefanie, just as, in fact, he did later on the Ober-Salzburg, though without her. As could be foreseen, the result was bad and remained so when he repeated his examination between September 1 and 15, He simply could not do otherwise and, leaving school, he embarked on the second path without looking back.


Everything that lay in these rigid precincts of his being remained unaltered forever.

The black ebony cane, topped by an elegant ivory shoe, was essentially a student’s attribute. Rather, this was the outcome of his general attitude of sharing in all the things that were of concern to kubzek. He had to do it all the more as he found littie pleasure in learning by heart, so much valued by his teachers. Return to Kubize, Page. Adolf himself was infuriated by this sly method and from the very start regarded his attempt in the fourth form of the technical school in Steyr as a failure.

August Kubizek

Patience did notseem to be one of Adolf’s outstanding characteristics; kbuizek I was late for an appointment, he came at once to the workshop to fetch me, no matter whether I was repairing an old, black horsehair sofa or an oldfashioned fashioned wing chair, or anything else. The Memoirs of Hitler’s Bodyguard.

Kubizek chronicles his early years when he and Hitler attended the opera religiously. Oct 30, Sharon Zink rated it really liked it. Adolf went to the funeral with me, which rather surprised me as he did not know Professor Dessauer at all.

August Kubizek Quotes (Author of The Young Hitler I Knew)

But in most pictures dignity prevails over the jubizek of the gaze. Many years had to pass before I realized the significance of augusf enraptured hour for my friend. I cannot give the exact date of this first meeting; but I am sure it was around All Saints’ Day in He subscribed to the library of the Adult Education. Georgen on the Gusen to find outwhatrelics of thatfamous battle in the Peasants’ War still remained.