The Autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt is the posthumous autobiography of Latter Day Saint apostle Parley P. Pratt. It was compiled from Pratt’s writings. The autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt, one of the twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus by Pratt, Parley P. (Parley Parker), Mormon Literature Sampler: Biography. The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt. A complete version of this work is currently online here.

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The Autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt by Parley P. Pratt

Maurine received her master’s degree in teaching from Harvard University and Sco Completely revised and enhanced edition of a classic LDS biography. I enjoyed reading about the struggles and challenges the church faced in autobiograpny early days through Parley P. Can’t you at least see why it would be hard to understand? Joseph Smith the Prophet.

It’s sad his life was shortened and he only lived to 50yrs old. Worth reading and paarley. The selection bias is present throughout the work. Joseph Smith Ordaining Parley P. They are not compatible with Kindle or other e-reader devices. The revisions and enhancements were very distracting, as they provided extra glimpses into the history and I never wanted to miss them, but they always diverged from Parley’s intended narrative. He went on countless missions, mostly at inconvenient times but patley dedicated all his time and energy to preaching and defending the Gospel.

I was especially moved b One day during my scripture study, this title popped into my brain and I felt a strong impression to read it.

For example, Parley went from being remarried after his first wife died to suddenly having multiple wives and many children. Inalong with his brother Orson, he received a call as one of the ;ratt Twelve Apostles.

In England he received an assignment to publish a new hymnal.


Often we hear the typical histories of Joseph Smith but since we are focu Takes you to history’s door and lets you slide inside. Though he overestimated his stay, his optimism proved well-founded. Parley makes little mention of his family which is a little weird to me, since it’s an autobiographyso it’s good to keep track of how things happened with his family in relation to what was happening with his missions and stuff.

Pratt by Parley P. Parley opposed attempts by his former teacher, Sidney Rigdon, to reorganize Church leadership in the absence of the Twelve Apostles. I thought 2 things: Specifically there are some fun things about this book: O LDS should read this book. I had a hard time with the end of the book, too, as the author died before finishing, and his son was left to stitch together letters and journal entries to account for the remaining four oarley.

This is a special book written by Parley himself, this book is his autobiography! Be the first to ask a question about Autobiography of Parley P. I enjoyed the first bit of this journal of my third great grandfather. I would have liked to know about his relationships with his wives and children. View more products by Parley P.

Parley writes extensively about the Latter-day Saints’ experiences in Missouri but seems to shorten up his narrative quite a bit when discussing the persecutions in Illinois. He was baptized, sought out the prophet, became an apostle, went on mission after mission both stateside and internationally to Europe and South America, was driven with the Saints from Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri, was imprisoned with Joseph Smith without a trial, lived through Joseph’s martyrdom and went with the Saints to Utah.

Pratt would be surprised and dismayed to see what the one true church has become years later. He was such an active person, he auyobiography have accomplished so much more had he lived longer. Oct 29, Italy rated it liked it.


This was a great spiritual read to help tide me over until the November Ensign arrives. And you can take or leave the notes, really.

As a consequence, in they boarded Parley, then 15, and his younger brother Orson, 11, with local farmers as hired help. I’m a hugh fan of Parley and I enjoyed reading about his life from his point of view.

Autobiograph of Parley P. Pratt,

Parley was and is a very strong man. Turn here to get to know Pratt at his best. At the age of 21 he left his newly wedded wife on a canal boat, in obedience to a prompting, promising to join her in Albany. It has given me an even greater desire to learn the history, especially its nuances, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since Pratt was killed before he was able to finish his writings, the last portion of the book contains journal entries rather than narrative.

Still a great book with lots of inspiring stories. In his missionary labors throughout his life, Parley turned instinctively to writing and publishing. Pratt was a very dedicated, loyal disciple. When Parley returned to Kirtland from his Canadian mission, he found himself embroiled in various conflicts that threatened the Church, resulting from a combination of internal divisions, persecution, and a national financial panic.

Hardcoverpages. This has to be one of my favorite Church history books. Parley’s autobiography is a worthy addition to my Thousander list. I care not a straw for their judgment. He is buried at Fine Springs, Arkansas. Books by Parley P. I guess I knew it was I loved the first part of the book when it talked about the beginnings of the church.