Request PDF on ResearchGate | Bore finishing—The ballizing process | The ballizing process is a relatively new microfinishing process that involves the forcing. Request PDF on ResearchGate | A Study of the Ballizing Process | The ballizing process which involves the forcing of a precision ground tungsten carbide ball. PDF | Ballizing is a method of finishing an internal diameter. This process involves the forcing of a precision-ground metallic ball through a slightly undersized.

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Burnishing in manufacturing There are several forms of burnishing processes, the most common are roller burnishing and ball burnishing ballizing. What is Burnishing Balls or Ballizing?

In the case of hard metals for example hardened steels the significant elasticity causes the contact area to increase more slowly than the force. This paper is an attempt towards comparing experimental and theoretically results of forces obtained by balljzing interference.

Of Ural polytechnical Institute, Col. We can help you determine the type of ball you need, taking into consideration your workpiece and the degree of precision you require. Typical applications for roller burnishing include hydraulic system components, shaft fillets, and sealing surfaces.

Mathematical processs Load Equations: The contact pressure force depends upon the mechanical properties of the work material, namely higher its hardness the greater is the contact pressure force needed to cause deformation. Steering rack components, transmission components, fuel injector components, camshaft lobes, hydraulic cylinder rods, bearing races, needle rollers, and sharpening stones and wheels.

Ballizing process

Upadhyay 1H. Improving gear efficiency by Burning Machine and Tooling, 3: Maqableh, The effects of initialBallizing parameters as force on nonferrous components. Further increase in the force tends to increase the surface roughness. That is because according our assumptions the friction force, the feed force and other interference forces are neglected ballizint model.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Large diameter balls seem to be more effective in improv-ing surface roughness, while small diameter balls seems to be more effective in increasing surface hardness. Introduction Ballizing Contact Pressure and Force The explanation is that the relationship between the contact area and the force is near linear for these materials, and therefore the contact pressure as a ratio of force to area is practically constant.

Russian Engineering Journal, 57 7: Surface of work piece hardening, perhaps the most effective method of increasing the fatigue strength of machine components.

Ballizing process

Ball burnishing is also used as a deburring operation. The explanation is that the relationship between baloizing contact area and the force is near linear for these materials, and therefore the contact pressure force as a ratio of force to area is practically constant.

Therefore this process is accepted as a practice to harden only the surface layer by means of mechanical working of metals.

The tool resembles a roller bearing, but the rollers balliznig fixed so they slide against the workpiece surface instead of rolling. Results obtained from calculations based on the equations mentioned earlier: Obviously this increase in hardness is due to plastic deformation in steel.

Ballizing, ball burnishing with tungsten carbide balls | ITI Ball

Blalizing soft metals unhardened steels, Aluminium Alloy s and alloys steel the contact pressure force, generally is constant. Super finishing stones are softer and wear more quickly, however they do not need to be dressed.


Ball burnishing, burnishing balls, or ballizing, is a replacement for other bore finishing operations such as grinding, honing, or polishing. E is the experimental error and the b values are estimates of the b parameters. Please contact us for more information or you may get a custom quote online for your burnishing ball or ball burnishing questions or needs. Centre line Average Value: This is one reason bllizing grinding is less efficient and generates more heat than turning.

Surface roughness represented by Ra proved to be improved by the process to procews optimum speed, feed and clearance. It is simultaneously rotated and pressed into the workpiece.

Ballizing or Ball Burnishing with Tungsten Carbide Balls

In grinding, since the abrasive grains are randomly oriented and some are not sharp, there is always some amount of BALLIZING,This is one reason the grinding is less efficient and generates more heat than turning. Ballizing gave good results for hole diameters of 1. The microstructure examination shows that there is an elongation in the grain near the surface of the burnished work piece.

Gillespie has a year history with precision part production Consequently, the process lends itself to automation. The workpiece may be at ambient temperature, or heated to reduce the forces and wear on the tool.

A ballizing tool consists of one or more over-sized balls that are pushed through a hole.