Baosteel Automotive Sheets Early Vendor Involvement. Appliance Steel. Grain- Oriented Electrical Steel. Tinplate and Tin Free Steel. Prepainted Steel Sheets. Features of Baosteel GO electrical steel products; Application fields. Excellent electromagnetic property first class equipment, leading manufacture process and . Typical mechanical properties. Non-oriented electrical steel; Grain-oriented electrical steel. Non-oriented electrical steel. Series A.

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Recently Baosteel achieved major breakthroughs in the independent research and manufacture of non-grain oriented silicon steel products. Asian Metal Copyright Located in Shanghai, Baosteel is a major producer of non-grain oriented electrical steel in China with an annual production capacity of around 1. According to him, the mainstream market price of B50A 0. Since the requirements for production process control are extremely strict, the manufacturability is poor and the yield is low, there are only a electriczl leading enterprises in the world that can produce them at present.

This series of products are low in core loss, can efficiently convert electricity and reduce loss, eldctrical are the preferred material for the key components of high-end electric equipment such as efficient and high-power transformers and electric generators. My page Contact us About seel Forgot password?


Product introduction

Since Jan 1Asian Metal will officially replace your current username with your email address. The customers commonly comment that Baosteel’s eoectrical are excellent in performance, high in shape accuracy, good in stefl uniformity, stable in quality and obvious in comprehensive advantages, besides, the various indicators of the products have all reached the international leading level. So far, Baosteel’s production of 0.

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In the field of non-grain oriented silicon steel production, B35A and B35A in 0.

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Baosteel Can Supply High Grade Non-Grain Oriented Silicon Steel B35A Products in Batches

Please enter your email address: Now not only B35A can be supplied in batches, B35A and B35A also successfully substitute the import and realize export, and have been used in batches by the famous electrical manufacturers such as GE and Siemens.


On the basis of introducing and digesting the foreign technologies for the production and equipment of low and medium grade non-grain oriented silicon steel, Baosteel independently integrates the equipment, production lines and process electrica, and keeps expanding the high grade high-end products with the target of producing safer and more efficient silicon steel that saves more energy.

Asian Metal Copyright They normally have no stocks in hand and customers need to place orders in advance. There are five production lines of non-grain oriented electrical steel in Baosteel which produce grades of 1, with a monthly output of about ,t. Baosteel raises high-grade NGO electrical steel prices for July production Located in Shanghai, Baosteel is a major producer of strel oriented electrical steel in China with an annual production capacity of around 1.

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