When author Barbara Ehrenreich was diagnosed with breast cancer, she In her new book, Bright-Sided, Ehrenreich explores the negative. Barbara Ehrenreich thinks the prevalence of bogus optimism has weakened America, and she is willing to shoot fish in barrels to make that. Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America,” the new book by Barbara Ehrenreich, is based on.

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Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America

In her new book, Bright-SidedEhrenreich explores the negative effects of positive thinking. It is an idea I find truly repulsive.

However hard to pin down, though, happiness is somehow a more pertinent metric for well-being, from a humanistic perspective, than the buzz of transactions brivht constitute the GDP.

According to Bob Woodward, Condoleezza Rice failed to express some of her worries because, she said, “the president almost demanded optimism. On the contrary, I would like to see more smiles, more laughter, more hugs, more happiness and, better yet, joy.

‘Bright-Sided’: When Happiness Doesn’t Help

What a crock of shit. She shows how Positive Thinking has infected our Christianity, our business community, and may even be responsible for the financial crisis of Hearing somebody be TOO positive at inappropriate times Sived 20, Lena rated it really liked it Shelves: Now, here is where things got confusing for me. I agree with this author, Barbara Ehrenreich.

All of it designed to make you work harder and harder and quit bitching about it. Even God plays only a supporting role, and by no means an indispensable one, in the Osteens’ universe. Eventually she gets round to the ‘science’ of this, which turns out to be as flakey as one might expect of an outlook which endorses to ‘infinity and beyond’ coupled with a refusal to acknowledge criticism – the smell of money attracts more than just flies.


Notice how animals are always on alert, the author notes, and that if danger presents itself, animals in a group sound the alarm. Lying in a pool of your own piss and faeces in a Harlem gutter? Her comments on how many of the devout poor were convinced the predatory mortgages brightt were being offered a few years back were a gift from God were particularly poignant.

No, the author argues. This move demonstrates the willingness to reach out to her audience and clarify the abstract term. Books by Barbara Ehrenreich.

I really believed those teachers when they said that bending spoons using the power of your mind was doable. This is a superb examination of a current cultural malaise which has taken over and dominated western thinking: The Futile Pursuit of the American Dream in talking bafbara just how obscenely wealthy the CEOs have became at the expense of the rest of us.

Ehrenreich argues persuasively that, in many cases, this rigidly enforced dogma of positive thinking to the extent of asking patients to view their disease as a “gift”is in no way supportive, and actually ends up making people feel guilty about a bad situation beyond their control. Evangelical mega-churches preach the good news that you only have to want something brighht get it, because God wants to “prosper” you.

‘Bright-Sided’: When Happiness Doesn’t Help : NPR

Optimism is denial of reality. I’ve been accused in my life of being ‘negative’ and it always seems to me that what brigut really mean is ‘realistic’ or not falsely enthusiastic.

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Positive thinking, Ehrenreich with attention to her American readers is all a bit communist, virtual Stalinist once you get going. Worse, some of the measures by which we garbara lead the world should inspire embarrassment rather than pride: Even in these minor tasks, the invocation of God seems more of a courtesy than a necessity.

I wish she had asked at some point, as the old moral philosophers did, “What do we mean by a good life? Jan 18, Carmen rated it liked it Recommends it for: I’m fascinated though by her account of the growth of the megachurches – aiming to appeal to a broad US customer base by providing basic social services run by volunteers to attendees and by stripping out any objectionable content from Church like sin and crucifixion in favour of Christian rock music and a gospel of prosperity and the overlap between business and Church cultures.

I remember standing in the classroom one post Christmas morning, the economy having just ground to a halt, when a story about a curtain salesman who screwed up an order sprang forth from the loudspeaker — riveting, I know. The lines at unemployment offices and churches offering free food includes strivers as well as slackers, habitual optimists as well as the chronically depressed. Buried under an avalanche of pink ribbons, teddy bears, and bogus claims for the value of positive thinking in beating cancer hence the title Smile or Die!