Barbarians of Lemuria, Mythic Edition is a page color hardback, and it is gorgeous. The minimalist cover depicts a sword-wielding. This is a review of “Barbarians of Lemuria: A Sword and Sorcery Roleplaying Game”, written by Simon Washbourne, mythic edition Half a million years ago, on the lost continent of Lemuria in the Pacific, the Barbarians of Lemuria is an excellent free & $10 rules-lite RPG.

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I am not trying to run down BoL. Having pizza and soda takes immersion away all the same. Dice pools aren’t quite there, but using your traits change lsmuria base roll from 2d6 to 3d6 drop lowest or highest in the case of flaws! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

It can feasibly be done, but not to any great effect, and not as well or as comfortably than if one used some other tool. There’s not a lot rules, but there’s enough crunch there to dig into. Some are geared toward survival, others toward armies driving off the invaders, etc.

Not a bad game by any means, just not a memorable one. The BoL fan community isn’t as widespread or productive as the OSR, but there’s a handful of variants for that style of play — grab one of those or make your own.

Let’s talk about Barbarians of Lemuria! : rpg

lemuri The changes to existing mechanics going from Legendary to Rppg are actually pretty minor; mostly it replaces one of the four combat stats Brawl with a new awkward one Initiative. So which version of Barbarians of Lemuria should I buy? Thomas Vanstraelen 8 February at Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here. Since you don’t know which system you’d prefer, I would assume that Mythic would be the superior edition for you. In which case, Joe’s not even going to twist his character that far.


Choose one from your favorite OSR game and go! Which isn’t to say that I think BoL is good because you can hack and homebrew it into greatness. But if painting your sundial to look like a watch makes you happy, it’s easy to do in this case. Yet, there’s a solid action resolution mechanic that is simple, quick, versatile and doesn’t influence your roleplay dpg all.

My overall feel of the system is that it mostly just wants you to use your common sense and focus on having fun. So I can get Legendary for cheaper, but other than that my decision is up in the air. You do have to be very careful with scale though, one point of something means a lot in BoL as your numbers are smaller to play with and there are less dials to fidget with.

Honestly, if I decided to play in either of those settings, I’d probably do it using BoL ‘s system. Do not submit posts looking for players, groups or games.


A starting character will have maybe 11 or 12 HP, and the toughest man in the world has 17 HP. Base DC of 9?

No problem, you don’t have to be a “railroady jerk” to run this game! Sign up using Facebook.


Conan is nearly always in medium to heavy armour in the stories, however this isn’t about Conan! But mostly, we felt the system was very flat and not particularly interesting during play. The book is pages long. Let’s talk about Barbarians of Lemuria! Want to power your Wilderlands of High Fantasy sandbox hexcrawl with BoL instead of individual sagas? Run a mission for several sessions to reduce the rapid growth, remembering that AP’s are earned per mission, not per session.

Matt Celis 8 February at They are for ‘telling stories’ only in the same sense that golf or fishing is for ‘telling stories’, that’s not really the goal, and golfing stories or fishing stories are just something that happens but no one goes golfing or goes fishing to try to ‘make a story’ from those activities; and 9 times out of 10, the ‘story’ of any random Golfing, Fishing, or RPG session are going to be pretty rambling and pointless, if not outright boring.