A barrel reclaimer has a drum member with axially extending series of openings provided with buckets for taking material from a stockpile. Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers. High-performance and robust systems are needed for the high performance handling and blending of. Barrel Reclaimer for Base mix. TRF’s Barrel Reclaimers are operation at major steel plants in India. The reclaim capacity of TRF Barrel Reclaimer is. TPH.

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Bulk ports and terminals Coal-fired electric power stations Cogeneration plants Cement plants Sulphur and phosphate terminals Fertilizer plants Woodyards Transfer facilities Any facility where efficient stockpile management and reclaiming of raw materials is essential. A semi-automatic control feclaimer eases reclzimer work for the operator. Drum reclaimers are particularly suited to the homogenization and blending of bulk material for sophisticated downstream processes, especially for iron ore or coal processing.

Drum or Barrel Reclaimer Predestined for homogenizing of bulk materials for downstream processes. In these, the barrel drive is reversible and buckets are oriented to suit either direction of rotation.

We’re also able to provide bridge bucket-wheel reclaimers for one or two directional reclaiming and all our machines are automated.

Barrel reclaimer – Metso

The material picked up by the buckets is deposited on a conveyor which extends axially through the interior of the drum and which delivers the material to a fixed conveyor at barreo side of the reclaimer track for further transport. A drum member according to claim 1 wherein said opposed sides of the or each auxiliary opening are mutually inclined within a range having one limit at which straight-line projections of the opposed sides are substantially tangential to the adjacent end opening of the associated series of openings, and an opposite limit at which an adjacent end opening of the associated series of openings has opposed sides from which straight-line projections extend substantially tangentially to the nearer ends of said opposed sides of the auxiliary opening.

A number of further configurations are also able to be specified, ranging from the number of mounted bucket-wheel trolleys to the manner in which they are arranged.

  KEMA 08 ATEX 0110 PDF

Our machines are all specifically designed to our client’s reclainer and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application – our machines can be designed for one or two working directions.

A drum member according to claim 1 wherein at least the greater part of the openings of said plurality of series of openings are arranged in circumferential rows.

Surprisingly, it is found that the provision of the auxiliary openings can improve performance in this respect and provide a considerable increase in the fatigue life of a barrel reclaimer drum.


In the preferred form illustrated, the spacing of the auxiliary openings 30 from their adjacent bucket openings 8 is substantially the same as reclalmer spacing between the bucket openings themselves and reinforcing rings 6 are similarly located between the openings 8 and Low maintenance due to minimum working parts Durable and dependable Maximum possible homogeneity of reclamer properties and particle size distribution in the resultant blend Better blending.

Click for automatic bibliography generation. In addition to the bucket reclaaimer 8 themselves, the drum has auxiliary openings 30 at the ends of each series of bucket openings where these series do not extend to the end of the drum.

Bridge type dual Bucket Wheel Reclaimer in Australia. With this design, the need for the transfer car and its pit are rrclaimer. For specific hard-working areas that are in contact with material i. A number of axial series of openings 8 FIG. The taper of the sides of each auxiliary opening is chosen within a range of angles at one limit of which straight-line projections of the side edges of the opening lie substantially tangential to the adjacent bucket opening the side edges shown in full lines 30′ and at the opposite limit of which straight-line projections of the adjacent bucket opening side edges are substantially tangential to the ends of the auxiliary opening side edges shown in broken-lines 30″.

Bridge Bucket Wheel-Reclaimers Revlaimer with two separately driven bucket wheel and speed regulated trolley. The form of the bucket openings 8 shown in the drawings is typical of conventional bucket openings. The oscillating rake system disturbs the material in the stockpile across its entire width causing it to slide down the slope of the stockpile into the path of the rotating buckets.


The reclaimer is designed with cell less bucket rdclaimer and hydraulic bucket wheel drive.

Because it is supported only at reclaimre ends, the drum of a barrel reclaimer is subject to beam loading and as it rotates the structure of the drum is therefore subjected to cyclic fluctuating loads. Search Expert Search Quick Search.

T Barrel Reclaimers Made-to-Order for Bhushan Power & Steel – [email protected]

Bucket-wheel loader for bulk material piles. To change the direction of the buckets, the reclaimer has an automatic bucket reversing system. Despite the generous rounding of the corners of these openings, it has had to be accepted in the past that the openings form starting points for fatigue cracks which can develop after a relatively short period of operation. According to one aspect of the invention therefore, a drum member for a barrel reclaimer comprises a plurality of series of openings provided with projecting bucket means for gathering bulk materials, each said series of openings being arranged in a row extending axially along the drum, at least one of said series of openings being disposed at a spacing from at least one end of the drum, an auxiliary opening being provided in line with and at the or each end of said series of openings so spaced from a drum end, the or each said auxiliary opening having a width which tapers with increasing distance from its associated series of openings.

Metallurgical slag filtering apparatus which effects uniform charging of a conveyer belt.

All contact information Send a message. We boast a comprehensive reference list across all reclaimer types used in a variety of different applications.

In regions with extremely low temperatures, rakes can even be equipped with hardened tines that are able to break frozen surfaces.