Read, clip & save Battle Of Nasiriyah historic newspaper articles & photos in + newspapers from all 50 states & 22 countries!. the city of an-Nasiriyah, Iraq. As the first large-scale battle fought by U.S. Marines in Operation Iraqi Freedom,. Nasiriyah became a test of the. Battle of An-Nasiriyah: Operation Iraqi Freedom. AshwAni GuptA. Background. Operation Iraqi Freedom (the second phase of the liberation of Iraq) was.

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The Americans lost 32 killed in action, 60 wounded, and six captured from the ambush on the supply convoy. Survey and assessment of reported Iraqi combatant fatalities in the War”. Proudly powered by WordPress. Small groups of Fedayeen Saddam militia were hiding throughout the city and launched attacks on Marine patrols with small arms and RPGs.

Archived from the original on 7 May On 4 April, the Associated Press ran a story which stated that Lynch’s father had heard from the doctors attending her, who said that “she had not been shot or stabbed during her ordeal. During this action, the Marines captured two bridges spanning the Euphrates River that were defended by Fedayeen and Ba’ath Party guerrilla soldiers. On the morning of 27 March, two recon Marines found a sunken M1A1 tank at the bottom of the river. Retrieved 5 July Peeples ordered his tanks forward to rescue as many soldiers as possible.

Battle of Nasiriyah | Strategy & Tactics Magazine

By 27 March, most of the city had been subdued. The US vehicles ran pf an ambush, drawing enemy fire from every direction. Journalist deaths by U. Some of them swerved off the road or crashed while attempting to avoid incoming Iraqi fire.


There are not many of us that do not know the story of Jessica Lynch’s ambush, capture, and subsequent rescue. Group 2 also made it through the kill zone, although their vehicles were badly damaged and had to be abandoned. The 51st operated in the south covering the oilfields, and the 6th was north near Al Amarahwhich left three brigade-sized elements of the 11th ID to guard the An Nasiriyah area. Retrieved 29 December Where Men Win Glory. On the morning of 23 Marcha US supply convoy was ambushed in Nasiriyah.

He specializes in military operations from Present and has written extensively regarding the future of asymmetrical warfare. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Battle of Nasiriyah – Wikiwand

Eleven soldiers died in the ambush that morning, and eighteen Marines lost their lives that afternoon. According to a captain in the Republican Guardmorale among Republican Guard units was bolstered by the resistance offered by the naeiriyah army’s 45th brigade in the city.

However fighting continued in the city until 1 April when Iraqi resistance in the city was defeated. At dusk, 2nd LAR established a perimeter 15 kilometers 9. On 3 April, The Washington Post ran a front-page story which read: These bridges were vital to the Marines’ plans for the attack toward Baghdad. The Marines took heavy casualties in their assault, with 18 killed in action after batle Amphibious Assault Vehicles were destroyed. The US learned battlw costly lesson in Nasiriyah. More than were wounded and 1, captured.

After establishing defensive positions, the Marines encountered a massive sandstorm in the city. Central Command issued a press release which both minimized certainty and the role of friendly-fire. The entire four-man crew died.


The Post quoted an unnamed official who said “She was fighting to the death [ However, a sandstorm rolled in, cutting off communication with main elements to the south in Nasiriyah. The New York Times.

Regimental Combat Team 2. Media Myth-Making in the Iraq War”.

PHOTO ESSAY: The Battle of An-Nasiriyah

Overwhelmed by their losses, the Iraqis were forced to retreat, allowing the bulk of RCT-1 to continue their advance through the city. Army report as Group 1 made it through unscathed, and continued south to meet up with the Marines. Cas-evac north of Saddam Canal. Retrieved 5 April Colonel Ron Bailey’s Regimental Combat Team 2 RCT-2 was methodically advancing north toward An Nasiriyah on the same road that the th had traveled a few hours earlier when they encountered some of the surviving members of the th who were fleeing south from the ambush.

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Iraqi casualties were — dead. The Iraqis lost over soldiers killed in action in the battle, with another wounded and 1, captured. Retrieved 1 Nawiriyah The remaining soldiers were rescued by elements of the 1 st Battalion, batttle nd Marines who began their assault on the southern portion of the city. Initial reporting of the battle emphasized the supposed heroism of Private First Class Jessica Lynch.

Archived from the original on 9 November This description soon was questioned.