SQL Antipatterns, by Bill Karwin, Pragmatic Bookshelf, mention of a broad variety of databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server. Common blunders of SQL database design, queries, and software SQL Antipatterns Strike Back Bill Karwin 1 Monday, April 20, 1. Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL and buildstronger relational databases. Now he’s sharing his collection of antipatterns–the most.

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Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL and buildstronger relational databases. I was hoping to get a little more out of this book. I thought this book was ok.

Beginners will not really understand what’s happening there. Application Development Antipatterns Chapter Apr 29, Rafalp rated it it was ok. I, contrary to my ‘give it time’ advice, did not spend more than a week with this book. If in one way or another you are involved with databases you should read this book. A sound coverage of typical SQL schema mistakes, with a useful exposition of the choices available in implementing inheritance. This is a catalog of what the author considers widespread bad practices in the use of relational databases and SQL programming.

It is aimed at people with beginner-medium SQL experience. Use Columns Unambiguously Chapter This book shows you all the common mistakes, and then leads you through the best fixes. All in all, I loved the book and recommend that anybody who has to deal with a relational store pick up a copy and give it a read.


SQL Antipatterns [Book]

May 10, Lisa rated it it was ok. It is very well written, great content and easy to follow.

While I enjoyed reading this book, I found most of the example trivial from the RoR best practices and conventions, I would recommend it if you want to level up your sql game. Really, really easy to read format that easily transforms the book into a reference book when you need to confirm an anti-pattern in your project and search for a solution asap.

The book also tries to give examples of when it may be acceptable to use the anti-patterns. Bill has succeeded in making the teachings accessible for developers in a good descriptive form, as well as being easy to reference later. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

SQL Antipatterns

About this Title Pages: Jul 27, Vasil Kolev rated it really liked it Shelves: This book shows you all the common mistakes, and then leads you through the best fixes. Some of the patterns seem really out of date with current development strategies, but reviewing them to prevent implementing the sins of the past is still a good thing. Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL and build stronger relational databases.

You Might Also Like. Nov 25, Horia rated it really liked it Shelves: Some of the anti-patterns I’ve seen before, like not using using constraints or using a column to mean multiple things, but there are many I haven’t seen before but should now be able to spot.

The book is written in a format that gives the antipattern as an example, then provides the best solution. The message throughout the book is: Also, no superfluous content in this one.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Some chapters felt a bit too obvious, but that is very subjective. I would have liked to see this important topic addressed. It’s a nice compendium of practices to avoid with highly memorable titles “Pseudokey neat-freak” is my favoritebut I’m not sure this would be the first title one should read on the subject.

This books describes common errors developers make when dealing with databases. And here we are. Reference Multiple Parents Antipattern: For instance, the database backing a blog whose posts can have an arbitrary number of tags would have a column TAGS with entries such as ‘tag1, tag2, tag4’.

Partition and Normalize Part 2: No trivia or quizzes yet. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The catalogue of anti-patterns follows a bit the one from Refactoring: Get the most out of your persistence layer! Most developers aren’t SQL experts, and most of the SQL that gets used is inefficient, hard to maintain, and sometimes just plain wrong. All in all, a decent read for a new SQL user, but if you have any experience with SQL you might want to skip this one for a newer reference.