bioerodible. adjective Referring to polymers that exhibit controlled degradation by incorporating pro-degradant additive master batches or concentrates. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Biodegradable and bioerodible polymers for medical applications | Nondegradable biomedical polymers were developed to. Morphological characterization of bioerodible polymers. 1. Crystallinity of Molecular Description of Erosion Phenomena in Biodegradable Polymers.

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Such polymers oxidise and embrittle in the environment and erode under by polymerx. The research collaboration agreement includes an option to license DSM’s bioerodible polymer implant technology for evaluating its application to the delivery of certain Aerie compounds, initially focused on retinal diseases.

In conjunction, the company is utilising polymres novel and proprietary BioErodible MucoAdhesive BEMA technology and other drug delivery technologies to develop and commercialise, either on its own or in partnership with third parties, new applications of proven therapies aimed at addressing important unmet medical needs.


Shiseido patents sunblock cosmetic.

X-Files chips hold the future of drugs; Doctors will give you microchips instead of pills Lux Biosciences gains exclusive worldwide license for ophthalmic polyarylate patent estate from Rutgers.

References in periodicals archive? The new patents are based on inventions by Advanced Polymer Systems related to its bioerodible drug delivery systems.

The composition is bioerodiblenot a denture adhesive, and substantially free of polybutene with a molecular weight of approximately when the composition is not an article, and is applied to dentures.

The first patent is for the Bioerodible Mucoadhesive film drug delivery technology.

Bioerodible implants work like solid air-fresheners that gradually release fragrance as they melt. Lux will access the technology, the expertise, and the state of the art infrastructure at the Center to develop bioerodiblepolymers capable of eluting drug molecules as a platform for ophthalmic drug products.

Bioerodible | definition of bioerodible by Medical dictionary

Independently, pSivida is developing an injectable, sustained release product to treat uveitis affecting the back of the eye posterior uveitis and an injectable, bioerodible product to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension in collaboration with Polymer. Atrix Laboratories strengthens patent position. Bioerodible definition of bioerodible by Medical dictionary https: Nicox, pSivida partner on sustained release glaucoma treatment. An investigator-sponsored clinical trial is ongoing for polymerx injectable, bioerodible microinsert to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension, a product candidate on which Pfizer Inc.