Bodhidharma quotes about enlightenment. He was one of the greatest masters that has ever lived. What did he say about enlightenment? Learn from his. Bodhidharma Quotes and Motivational Spiritual Quotations from Awakening Intuition. Collection of Wisdom Life Changing Sayings. Bodhidharma’s teachings and practice centered on meditation and the Lankavatara Sutra. Here are 8 life changing quotes by Bodhidharma.

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No matter what kind of karma, a buddha transforms it. RealityMindUse. Bkdhidharma we’re aware, there’s nothing to escape. We will discuss your needs, directly, over the phone. Bodhidharma Quotes – 54 – Awakening Spiritual Quotations. Bodhidharma quote Whoever knows that the mind is a fiction and devoid of anything real knows that his own mind neither exists nor doesn’t exist.

Good and bad are distinct. The mind and the world are opposites, and vision arises where they meet.

Such is his power that karma can’t hold him. He is bodhidhaema as its first Chinese patriarch. The principle sources, given in various translations, vary on their account of Bodhidharma’s origins. But once you see your own nature, the entire Canon becomes so much prose.


The ultimate Truth is beyond words. DoctrineWayTao.

Bodhidharma Quotes

Those who understand this detach themselves from all that exists and stop imagining or seeking anything. Learn how your comment data is processed.

To go from mortal to Buddha, you have to put an bodhisharma to karma, nurture your awareness, and accept what life brings. The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons.

Bodhidharma quote Your nature is the Buddha. Relief and rescue ops bodyidharma pace to bring state back to life. I look forward to hearing from you. Since a clear mind is the Buddha, they attain the understanding of a Buddha without using the mind.

Life and death are important. All phenomena are empty. Copyright Hosting by DigitalOcean.

Bodhidharma Quotes 54 Spiritual Sayings. Bodhidharma mystical quote You can’t know your real mind as long as you deceive yourself.

20 Inspiring Quotes By Bodhidharma That Will Help You Sail Through Trying Times

The mind is the root from which all things grow if you can understand the mind, everything else is included. Those who worship don’t know, and those who know don’t worship. Died On AD.


Design by the author. Born On AD.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Following is a corpus of quoted, sayings, words and viewpoints put forth by the distinguished monk which is till date used as quotable quotes extensively.

He also began the physical training of the Shaolin monks that led to the creation of Shaolinquan. They’re always longing for something – always, in a word, seeking.