Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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As the work progresses on the conveyor line through the various steps of cleaning, Spra-Bonder- izing and rinsing, it passes a series of standpipes equipped with spray nozzles through which the solution is forced against the material from every conceivable angle, flooding all areas to be treated. Through this national advertising, the buying public is being made “rust- conscious” and is developing a greater apprec iation of the quality appeal.

In addition to this elaborate laboratory equipment Parker has facilities for applying all their processes under actual production conditions, as well as testing devices with which to determine the comparative rust-resistance of the coatings produced. Parker service does not end with the sale of the process and installation of equipment, but follows through as long as the manufacturer makes use of it.

The finishing material flows into the interstices between the fine crystals and, when dry, is securely anchored to the metal. The lower panel was Bonderized before finishing, and bondrizing the greater resistance to alka- line development. Fin- ish on degreased sample be- gan to show effect of test at about 70 hours. With this data before us, we can more intelligently recommend the type of equipment that will best meet your needs.

Bonderizing provides resistance to boderizing of these hazards through greatly improved ad- hesion of the paint and by protecting the metal from the moisture that may pene- trate the paint film.

Bonderizing Suppliers

It is also used extensively on automobiles to protect unfinished metal parts from corrosion. Rustbestkyttende Parker Pat- enter, 14 Fredrichschome Havenevj. Manganese phosphating produces a medium- to dark-gray or black finish. Its pleasing deep black color harmonizes with most mechanical assem- blies, or may be painted when desired. The gasoline pump cabinet is benefitted by Bonderizing for two reasons: If your information indicates that vour require- ments are large or complicated, detailed engineering data will be furnished, showing the complete lay- outs and arrangement of the necessarv units to handle your particular type of production [f goes without saving that this more complete investigation costs you nothing.

This process produces the dull grey color characteristic of paint grip galvanized steel which provides an excellent “primer” for painting applications.


Its purpose is to provide a rust inhibiting paint base that can be produced quickly and easily, and at the bondreizing time assure more positive adhesion and durability of applied finishes on iron, steel or zinc surfaces.

This is a part Of our sales service Your finishing executives are invited to be present When vour samples are processed, to observe how these, as well as other products, are treated W e will arrange comparative durability tests in our labor. This not only informs the prospective user of Parker Processes, of their merits, but it also informs industrial buyers who purchase fabricated parts for their own output and who require rust-proof fin- ishes on the equipment they purchase.

Important Bon- derizing applications include automobile bodies, wheels, fenders and hoods, as well as refrigerators, sterilizing and medicine cabinets and numberless other products of similar character as well as window sash and galvanized sheet steel. Both tested for the same length of time. Quality Certifications Proceds In addition to being a factor in product improvement, protection from rust by Bonderizing gives the sales department a selling and advertising advantage.

So important nonderizing this regarded by many manufacturers that they devote space in their catalogs, booklets and folders to the item of rust-proof fin- ishes.

Definition & Meaning Bonderizing

Reaction on the metal is bonderizkng. British Australian Lead Mfg. This patent was issued in as U. It is especially adapted to treating forgings, cast- ings, stampings, screw machine and wire products, on which paint finishes arc not neces- sary or desirable.


Parkerizing, the original Parker Process, is improved and modernized to meet today’s in- dustrial conditions. ISO Not Specified. Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Bonderizing directory on the Internet. Like all metal finishing bnderizing, Bonderizing requires a clean surface and in both types of Bonder izing installations, the proper cleaning and rinsing equipment is usually included in the installation plans. More than that, should the paint film be scratched or dented so that bare metal is exposed, the Bon- derite coating bondeirzing the spread of rust and the development of alkali through electro-chemical ac- tivity around the injury.

Besides vanadate coatings, arsenate coatings may theoretically provide similar protection, at the risk of being a health hazard to humans and animals.

While you may already know considerable about Bonderizing from reading, and possibly seeing it in operation in other plants, you will naturally want to make a more complete investigation as to how it will fit into your finishing routine as well as how it will affect your product, and get some estimate oi the cost of operation.


With bonderizinv rapid increase in the use of Bonderizing by the automobile companies, it is not surprising that there should be a still greater increase in its use on all types of automobile accessories.

Parkerizing has a broad field, bonderkzing of its simplicity, economy, adaptability and rust- proofing efficiency. The matter of rust prevention by phosphate coatings produced by bonddrizing Parker Processes has been made the subject of scientific bulletins, technical addresses and classroom instruction.

Both panels were given typical refrigerator finish. Due to the short processing time, equipment re- quirements are minimized, less floor space is needed, and, by recirculating the solution, it is possible to process a given amount of work with a smaller volume of working solution.

Views Read Edit View history. Others make a considerable point of it in their publi- cation advertising. Patent 1, bonderiing, for an improved manganese phosphating Parkerizing technique.

Patent 2,just prior to the loss of easy access to manganese compounds that occurred during World War II. While cleaning is not a part of the Spra-Bonderiz- ing Process, yet, like all other metal-finishing pro- cesses, a clean surface is necessary prodess satisfactory results and cleaning is included in the set-up as one of the normal operations in a completely mechanized line.

The Parker technical stall not onlj recommends the type of installation best Mined to the manufacturer’s requirements, mil designs and suppl. The G coating gives corrosion resisting protection against outdoor weather conditions. It bonderiizng a non-conductor of electrical currents, affording protection from electro- chemical corrosion of the metal.

It is giving point and value to the manu- facturer’s statement: To offset the effects procexs constant weather exposure and to resist the action of the various fumes to which the finish is subjected. Knowing this, manufacturers devote chapters or binderizing in their sales manuals to the merits of their Bonderized finish. OttTJ well adapted to ptoi iding i paint holding rOeiOfl resistm. Thus it becomes possible in bonderizzing Bonder- izing installations to treat entirely fer- rous metal production, entirely zinc, galvanized, galvannealed or cadmium sur- faced production, or any percentage mix- ture of these metals.

The size of the processing sec- tion and speed of the conveyor are adjusted procezs allow usually sixty seconds in the Bonderizing spray. Bonderized Steel Process In a continuous, controlled process, coils of galvanized steel are first thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. Cold inside and warm out- side induce condensation, unless perfect insulation can be provided, which is not always the case.