Brault & Martineau Current Flyer Online. We don’t have a flyer listed at the moment for Brault & Martineau. Please use this link to locate it on the official website. Brault & Martineau online flyer and catalogue. View Brault & Martineau Canadian flyer. is the website to visit before you go shopping to find flyers, deals and coupons. Bad Boy, Flyer of Brault & Martineau Canadian Stores.

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And I enjoy traveling, too, particularly in Europe. Our bedroom vignettes are even equipped with sheets!

It would seem that Vice President Marketing Willie Poitras and his colleagues are wizards, or at least have the alchemist’s touch. Such occasions increase traffic and they are exciting to martkneau customers. Last year we held our party at a big restaurant on the south shore, dinner and dancing, and at the end of the evening no one wanted to go home! When the bargains are there we make things happen. Willie jartineau in love with the business 30 years ago.

Recently, consumers were tempted to “Come Join The Races! In order to control delivery time and shipping rbault, most of his suppliers are based in Quebec, some in Ontario.

Brault & Martineau Current Flyer Online

Brault and Martineau grew from five stores in to 11 stores today, and not just ordinary stores at that. Inthe magazine established and endowed the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library www. We use radio with frequent remotes eet the weekends.


In leather we are going more and more to earth tones, to tans, although there’s still some fluer and green. There are routine fall and anniversary sales, and drawings are held for prizes such as giant screen televisions. We have designed home theatre sound rooms, complete with all the components, sofas, everything necessary.

Over Years of Service to the Furniture Industry. Appliances are also “packaged”, in sets of four. People get to know one another, loyalty develops, the people are happy with their evening and with the prizes they have won and they tell their friends. Although he won his degree in heating and refrigeration, he wanted “to be with the public”. Willie credits Robert Gautier, Vice President, with the conceptualization of the event.

Television is also useful to us, in both French and English, of course, as is all our advertising. With the new store in Ville La Salle, a western suburb, we’ve completely surrounded Montreal! If it doesn’t sell well, we discontinue promptly. Catherine’s Street no longer exists. Every time without exception when we mount a promotion with flyers we see business coming in. Said Willie, “It really works!

Sault Ste. Marie Flyers and Deals –

Throughout the trauma and tensions of the recent recession, their magic wands touched just the right locations all around Montreal. Also 45, square feet, of course! Print circulation of 20, is directed primarily to furniture retailers in the US and Canada. We have had a different event each year. And since we work entirely with a room setting concept, we need an abundance of space.


And the same technique relates to electronics, “Televisions are matched with video tape recorders. When people have confidence in the economy, they buy. We knew the times were bad during the recession, so we positioned ourselves for growth, advertised more and grew fast. He was rapidly promoted from salesman to assistant manager, “always consistently up”, to manager, to buyer, to vice braul.

Brault And Martineau On The Fast Track

Brault and Martineau advertise heavily throughout the year. For example, we put a sofa, a loveseat, a chair, occasional tables, lamps, a bookcase all together– a room to go, one mzrtineau for all. We schedule one flyer in the spring and one in the fall, then two more in the summertime.

Where will his magic wand point next? We have always been aggressive, we don’t sit down and wait for something to happen. When business projections are complex we always look very closely before we beault.

The names of 72 lucky winners were drawn from in-store customers who entered the competition.