Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena – Walkthrough/FAQ Brigandine FAQ/ Strategy Guide Version For Sony Playstation By Scott Ong. Got a Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] Brigandine is a strategy rpg where you take control of one of six different nations, all vying to conquer the continent. With a wide assortment of.

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Basics of playing Brigandine 3. Ghost Castle in a City Your character is resting at a castle and meet a group of Rune Knights [Ghosts] talking about whom is going to get the weapon and they quarrelled over it and your character laughs, causing them to overhead and try to attack your character but sunlight enters and your character gets the weapon.

The battle scene is played in hexes, and wherever you stand, there are always 6 hexes of space surrounding you. The MP can always go somewhere else. Rather, I prefer to spread out my generals so that i can have 2 attacking parties both of almost equal attacking strength.

Brigandine: Prima’s Official Strategy Guide: Pcs: : Books

Form your line more than 3 hexes away and then use one turn to move everyone up by one hex, and let them charge you. He actually managed to outrun Zemeckis and Cador put together. The enemy will not be able to counter-attack after this had happened. But first of all, you need to get him protected with high HP units. Any problems, questions or queries just email them to us Wong Chun Houe: Exponential Page rendered in 0.


Of course, don’t choose dying enemies to attack, instead heal them or don’t use them. Once you have won the battle and all victorous knights will be occupying the castle.

Rune Knight Classes

Don’t overlook terrains on guids battlefield, this will sometimes affect the movement range. Place them in the back row and recovers allies lost HP. Next you need to have the following monsters: There are several monsters, which have long-range attacks.

I would rather place them in the back-court of the troops. The third time, applies to characters will give you the character’s information sheet, which includes their age and their past.

High in defense, makes it a great blocker. Norgard is really a huge country but it is difficult to end. Hand-to-hand combat One strategy which I have discovered while playing Brigandine recently.

Spine Missile, 3 guidd. Sacred Ray that destroys one foe. Sometimes they are being sent back to castle, where the ruler brgiandine. After you have attained the Archer status, sent her for a quest again and she will received forgiveness from the boy. Mysterious Fountain in the forest. To nab monsters effectively from an opponent. Death Knight Cador is not a guy to messed up with.

Samurai, Shogun classes Ninjas: His Wing Slash can does a critical amount of damage. However, there are some great magic users who are also great attackers. Holy Word destroys enemies. Rangers Ranger units are quite agile and strong in attacks, plus they seldom misses their attacks.

Halley GE Official Guide.jpg

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? At higher difficulty levels, especially Medium and Hard, the enemies will remain in place and wait for you to approach them. It moves rather fast. Do not overlook castles that have water surrounding them as they will allows you to summon marine forces such as Hydras and Mermans.


Druids has a mixture of red magic such as the basic mage’s spells along with black magic. Down Nil Red resist Down. Loufal and Carlota Batercus, Adilicia Esgares: The second reason is some more additional information regarding Iscalio and New Almekia, plus a couple of new important stuff to add. Log In Sign Up.

Critcial attacks will be excuted brigandlne the units are facing death.

Good support units plus they does similar damage compared to monsters. It is pretty effective against low AGI monsters and this includes low level Dragons. These spells have a pretty big attack radius, all the more useful if cast in the frontline of battle. There will be a time limit and they will automatically retreat. I rest bbrigandine case!!!

Secondary units have more attacks and stronger moves. Most units such as Dragons and land type units lost their evasion while being positioned on water terrains. At water-based battlefields, it’s advisble that you have water- based units such as Hydras and Mermans as they could regenerate their HP due to their Aqua Recovery.

Firstly, I will explain the meaning of the Organize phrase. Mages Druid are great units against countries such as Leonia.

It’s still can’t counterattack. Dimension can move away key monsters such as Unicorns and Angels. I give it 5 stars because of its rarity, you can find the other stuff on gamefaq’s.