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Gift Shop Shop Now. It was a common 18th-century practice for composers to rework their own music and that of others, in those pre-copyright days to fill a new need. Log In Log In.

Oboe d’amore Concerto In A major, BWV

Like the musical bvw of the Bach family, many of Johann Sebastian’s compositions went through several generations. The jubilant finale, modeled perhaps on the gigue, returns the dancing motion and high spirits of the first movement. Experience the Digital Stage. The following Larghetto offers a stark contrast in mood from the jolly opening movement. Back Young Artist Program.

Above a chromatically descending, passacaglia-like bass, the soloist intones a mournful song full of rich emotion. Though the original manuscript of the oboe d’amore concerto is lost, the score of the harpsichord concerto based on it clearly differentiates between the neat notation bwc from the earlier version, and the ornaments and elaborations later written spontaneously to adapt the solo line to the keyboard.


Bach or one of his talented sons was soloist at the keyboard for many of those regular Friday concerts held at a local ovoe house.

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Back American Opera Initiative. Such music is a reminder that the Baroque era was essentially a romantic age in the deeply expressive nature of its art. Among the best-known of such pieces in the Bach obor are the concertos for harpsichord, all of which seem to be arrangements of some of his earlier music, much identified, some conjectured. The orchestral accompaniment remained largely unchanged in all these concerted works.

Oboe d’amore Concerto in A major, BWV 1055R (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

The regular phrases, disposed in eight-measure blocks, give this movement a dance-like quality. Connect facebook twitter youtube instagram tumblr. Program Information Past Commissions Apply. Between the columns of the ritornellilike sparkling stained glass windows, the solo instrument develops a complementary motive. All performances at the Kennedy Center will go on as scheduled, but our public hours are curtailed.


Oboe d’amore Concerto In A major, BWV 1055

Board of Directors National Trustees. Rodda Like the musical talent of the Bach family, many of Johann Sebastian’s compositions went through several generations.

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The reconstruction by Wilfried Fischer for a solo wind instrument, a most attractive affair, was accomplished by eliminating lboe keyboard decorations to reveal the simpler, original version. Most of the model works were originally for solo violin, but the esteemed English musicologist Sir Donald Tovey showed that the Concerto in A major BWV was written originally for oboe d’amore, an ancestor of the modern English horn.

The opening movement of the Oboe d’amore Concerto begins with a vivacious orchestral ritornello bdv