Wide selection of OFHC / C / C Tube | copper pipes | carbon free . tube in grade: C, C,C, C, C, C C Highly acclaimed manufacturer & exporter of C OFHC Tubing. Copper pipe / tube in grade: C, C,C, C, C, C C Copper is mostly used for buss bar as well as electrical and super conductor matrixes, vacuum tube and solid-state devices, and glass to metal seals.

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This copper does not suffer from steam hydrogen embrittlement when heated in a hydrogen reducing atmosphere. Views Read Edit View history. OFHC is used for:.

ETP Copper 110 / C110 / C11000

Oxygen-free copper OFC or oxygen-free high thermal conductivity OFHC copper is a group of tubd high conductivity copper alloys that have been electrolytically refined to reduce the level of oxygen to. Resistance to Corrosion The higher purity Creep is slow ofhd of a material with time at temperature and must be allowed for in the design of any component operating above room temperature.

For equivalents of copper alloys worldwide, their chemical compositions, material designation and national standards. Microwaves are the invisible, super-energetic, short wavelength radio waves that travel at the speed of light used in microwave ovens and radar radio detection and ranging navigation equipment.

C10100 OFHC Tubing manufacturer

Properties A summary of the properties is shown from the annealed soft condition to hard. Note that tkbe USA and Asia, some compositions are not identical. If this is required then a full anneal at to o C is needed. Creep Creep is slow deformation of a material with time at temperature and must be allowed for in the design of any component operating above room temperature.


High electrical conductivity coppers are distinct from coppers deoxidized by the addition of phosphorus in the smelting process. Publication covering the electrical and mechanical properties of high conductivity copper and copper alloys that are intended tub use in electrical applications.

Click here for latest Copper Prices India. Copper alloys which contain oxygen as an impurity in the form of residual oxides present in the metal matrix can be embrittled if exposed to hot hydrogen.

During the copper smelting process, oxygen is deliberately injected into the melt to scavenge coper that would otherwise degrade conductivity.

C Copper Alloy | OFE OFHC C Copper Rod, Tube, Sheet & Plate

Besides, they are of good heat conductibility. These characteristics are high ductilityhigh electrical and ochc conductivityhigh impact strengthgood creep resistance, ease of weldingand low relative volatility under high vacuum. For industrial applications, oxygen-free copper is valued more for its chemical purity than its electrical conductivity. Copper cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

C Copper – ETP C Copper | Farmers Copper

It is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. The historical significance of the magnetron is that it allowed the development of radar and its use in defence in planes, ships and submarines in the s.

An early application for OFHC was in the magnetron which was invented in the s. The high-end speaker wire industry markets oxygen-free copper as having enhanced conductivity or other electrical properties that are supposedly advantageous to audio signal transmission. Magnetrons are used to produce microwaves in microwave ovens. There are advanced refining processes such as the Czochralski process than can be used to reduce impurity levels to below the C specification by reducing copper grain density.


OFHC is used in specialist, powerful electronic equipment such as that used to generate microwaves. From Wikipedia, the copprr encyclopedia. CuOFP has been selected as corrosion resistant material for the overpack of spent nuclear fuel in the Tbue concept developed in Sweden and Finland to dispose high-level radioactive waste in crystalline rock formations.

The high conductivity, high purity and low volatility under high vacuum make it ideal for this use because it is not subject to outgassing release of trapped gas such as oxygen. Oxygen-free high thermal conductivity OFHC copper is widely used in cryogenics. The alloys are grouped by property.

In practice the oxygen content coppsr typically 0. Furthermore, they are reliable in quality. Thus, they are widely used for heat exchangers, radiators, coolers, electro-heat-up pipe, air conditioner and refrigerators.

With holding years of experience in manufacturing, we continue to offer robust quality of C OFHC Tubing with very reasonable prices across all over the world. This is where the oxygen in air plays an important part. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Particles are fired at The Metallurgy of Copper Wire”.

Cu-OFE is manufactured from pure copper cathode and poured under a protective gas atmosphere. Oxygen-free phosphorus-containing copper CuOFP is typically used for structural and thermal applications where the copper material will be subject to temperatures high enough to cause hydrogen embrittlement or more exactly steam embrittlement. Ultra-pure copper has a conductivity of