: Cartwheel: A Novel (Random House Reader’s Circle) ( ): Jennifer duBois: Books. “In Cartwheel, Jennifer duBois takes the lurid skeleton of the Amanda Knox case and fictionalises it with scalpel-like precision DuBois is a brilliant young. There are passages of observation so closely controlled and beautiful in ” Cartwheel,” the second novel by Jennifer duBois, that what she.

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Her parents had the wind knocked out of them with the loss of their first cartwheel and never got past it. There are passages of observation so closely controlled and beautiful in “Cartwheel,” the second novel by Jennifer duBois, that what she describes seems as if it will stay described for good. Five weeks later, Katy is found brutally murdered in their shared home, and Lily is the prime suspect.

Dubois’ decision to take her viscous writing style and fictionalize a real-life sordid and well-publicized murder in Italy, the murder of Amanda Knox’ roommate. There was a boyfriend that was suspected of being involved in the killing, as was the case with Amanda Knox.

Open Preview See a Problem? Even if you have formed a strong opinion like I didthere is no way to even guess how right, or wrong, you might be. A Novel by Jennifer Dubois is her second novel.

Book review: ‘Cartwheel,’ by Jennifer duBois

Andrew- Father of three girls- Janie who died very youngLily Andrew’s favorite and Anna the invisible child. And this isn’t even about her! Dubois hit it on the nose. Cartwheel is an echo, a reflection and lacks in any true substantive differences from the headlines other than the location Italy vs. Eduardo- The man in charge of solving Katy’s murder.


I get it that really knowing another person is nearly impossible. She aims to observe the thoughts that intrude at the most inappropriate times, to capture memories and intricate emotions, and to make penetrating comments about living today.

Aug 31, Danelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nothing in the book should be read as a factual statement about real-life events or people. We ended with a conviction, her own sister having “accidentally” given too much away, in an effort to help, or maybe in an effort to be grown up, I wasn’t totally sure No two readers will agree.

How do you reconcile the immutable past cartwhwel the unreliable carrtwheel

And she did so amazingly well, everything about the book was executed perfectly to make that point. The author may have been hoping to combine a crime novel with a novel of character.

It would not matter. But even so, I thought the lack thereof was fitting, it’s the truth of it, we get the same lack of closure in reality too, never really knowing the truth of what actually happened, having only our own perception of things. It’s an absolutely riveting read. Things are hinted at and never quite explained, and others are the exact opposite of what they seem – several pieces of evidence that clinch Lily’s involvement with the murder in the mind of the prosecutor are subsequently shown in one of Lily’s flashbacks to be something completely innocent.

Others may not have the same difficulty, it is certainly of popular interest and not all readers have the same reaction. It was rather disappointing for me. The awkwardness of it. The structure of the narrative in Cartwheel is horribly seductive. Who’s telling the truth?

Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois | : Books

LeComte does seem pretentious – a strange character with a manner of speech that implies secrecy, a “postapocalyptic butler” according to Lily’s father living secluded in a crumpling old mansion that looks like it’s stuck in a medieval time warp. Although each member of the family loves Lily, each is tormented by kennifer, by her bland acceptance of the situation, by this strange boy she was bu, who is not charged with anything, by their past failures, and by an uncertain future.


Every sentence crackles with wit and vision. Her approach mattered most to me at the end, where the outcome of the trial, and even more the events that occur after the trial, seem inorganic and arbitrary in terms of the character portrait that Dubois has been building up, cartwyeel explicable only in terms of what actually happened in the case of Amanda Cqrtwheel.

The cartwheeler here is year-old Lily Hayes. Do the facts support the truth?

Review: ‘Cartwheel’ by Jennifer duBois – Chicago Tribune

From the host-family whose home is the scene of the girls’ murder to the younger sister who sees herself as merely an accessory – a playmate birthed for the accused Lily, nearly everyone feels that life is a bit unfair. Reading along I didn’t have any idea how much of Jennifer Dubois’s supposedly fictionalized story was in alignment with what actually happened to Amanda Knox. Anna simply wasn’t the same little girl who’d helped Lily try to contact Janie’s ghost on a Ouija Board-a plan endlessly discussed and then, finally, one summer night, thick with humidity and black magic, attempted-and who had, when the indicator began to move, wet her pants.