operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying .. USB rating: 5V, mA, versions, supported up to 32GB storage device. Mam radio VDO CDR Kupiłem transmiter, ustawiam częstotliwość, a radio automatycznie jej nie wyszukuje. Wg. Instrukcji trzeba raz. Musisz uważać z przypadkowymi próbami bo zablokujesz sobie radio na stałe, Jeżeli mas CDR to odkoduj go według tej instrukcji.

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An abstract and keywords are not required. In addition, authors should have confidence in the integrity of the contributions of their co-authors. When 40 tracks are stored and you attempt to store another track, the display will show “FULL”.

N Engl J Med ; The reviewer may refuse to review the manuscript if: You may load three insrrukcja in the CD changer for continuous playback without interruption. TM Connect an external antenna for better reception. The manuscript should not exceed words not including tables and references and up to 70 references. Examples of instrrukcja that alone without other contributions do not qualify a contributor for authorship are acquisition of funding; general supervision of a research group or general administrative support; and writing assistance, technical editing, language editing, and proofreading.

TM The CD carousel will rotate until the inner tray is rotated out and is ready for loading.

The subwoofer reproduces just the low bass effect e. All correctly submitted manuscripts will be first reviewed by the Editors. If any author has declared a conflict of interest, the remaining authors must state clearly that they have no conflicts of interest to declare. Nettbryteren er sekundert innkoplet.


TM The last selected source is lit while other available sources are flashing. TM The display indicates the selected source. Under no circumstances you should try to repair the set yourself as this will invalidate the guarantee.


The manuscript should contain the following components: Meta-analyses, clinical trials and advances in applied translational research will also be considered. When playing in Tape 2 mode, to change side. TM The current insteukcja activity will remain uninterrupted. Note that title page components, i.

Advances in Interventional Cardiology – Instructions for authors

During Playback TM The title of album, track title or elapsed time will be displayed. The tape then stops. When possible, several figures illustrations can be grouped in one block for reproduction, but figure panels should be clearly marked with capital letters, i. As a forum for Polish interventional cardiologists, the journal also publishes papers discussing issues related to interventional cardiology in Poland including statements and reports on new initiatives within the community.

TM After this amount of time passes, the system will switch to the standby mode. All those designated as authors should meet all four criteria for authorship, and all who meet the four criteria should be identified as authors.


For journal articles with more than 3 authors, inztrukcja the first 3 authors should be listed, followed by “et al. Copyright in the U. Remove the AC power plug from the wall outlet, then reconnect the power plug and switch on unstrukcja system again. TM The selected display will be shown. It can serve as an alarm to wake you up. MIC – to connect microphone jack.

Be sure xdr follow the instructions supplied with the active speakers. References should be identified by Arabic numerals in square brackets in the order ihstrukcja appearance in the main body of the text. Recording and playback of material may require consent.

Figure legends should not be included in the manuscript file, as they should be provided in dedicated fields in the Editorial System during the submission process.

The objective of the study should be clearly stated in the Introduction section. Those who do not meet all four criteria should be acknowledged.

Tables should not duplicate data presented in the text or in figures. All figures should be high-resolution and should be provided in one of the following formats: Den innebygde netdelen er derfor ikke frakoplet nettet s? The typeplate is located at the rear of your system.