The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Originally published in German in This edition derives from an English trans- lation published in The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. The Chymical Wedding is an allegoric story divided into Seven Days, or Seven Journeys, and which tells us how Christian Rosenkreuz was invited to go to a.

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But when I examined myself, as bidden by the letter, and contemplated my blindness in mysterious things, my ticklings of the flesh, my rearing of stately palaces in the air and other like carnal designs, I was so overwhelmed by my own unworthiness wfdding I swung between hope and fear.

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An important point is that it’s chrjstian Bridegroom Bible that is offering these paths. Note that the lion has wings, meaning that the animal nature has been refined and spiritualized.

Views Read Edit View history. This was a perfect square, with a great wall running all round it, two hundred and sixty paces thick. The story follows the Passover and the seven days of unleavened bread exactly. The obscure words concerning the three Temples also afflicted me.

She also has a sun jewel at the heart level. He came into the care of the twelve wisest men of that age, who by world destiny were gathered in a certain rosenkrwutz in Europe. This anonymous text appeared in in Strasbourg, Germany as the third pamphlet of an order called Fraternity of the Rose Cross.

In this tumult I had almost cursed the day wherein I had come hither, and I opined that the Lord Bridegroom would have done well to seek some other fool than me for his wedding.


It is exceedingly improbable that a boy of sixteen could have produced any of the Rosicrucian manifestoes unless under the diretion of another person or persons. Then the black executioner, preparing to withdraw, was himself beheaded, and his head placed with his axe in a little shrine. He received many honors from his church and finally died in the bosom of Lutheranism. This was the wound I received on my head in a dream. The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian order founded by Jan van Rijckenborgh in Belgium now an international order.

While I sat perplexed, pondering whether to turn back, and, if not, which way to follow, I took out a slice of my bread from my bag and began to eat. Before the King and Queen stood a little altar, bearing six curious objects — a book bound with black velvet, overlaid with gold; a taper alight in an ivory candlestick, upon which Cupid now and then puffed in sport; a celestial globe, turning of itself; a chiming clock; a crystal fountain of red water; and a skull through whose eye-holes a small white snake wound in and out.

So all that day I followed this road, taking care to stray neither to the left nor to the right. This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat At the tolling of a bell, the white garments were exchanged for black ones; floors, ceiling, walls, all were covered with black velvet. The spiral staircase can refer to the spinal column and the ascent of the kundalini.

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Though the tables were richly furnished, and all the royal persons weddimg attired afresh in snow- white glittering garments, there was no music, the young King sighed often, the wecding King and Queen were grave, and all was performed with such state and solemn stillness, and all things had so strange a face, that foreboding of some imminent peril hung over us all.


The crown at the ceiling refers to the Crown of the Great Work.

When one boasted that he could see these invisible servitors, one of them reached him so handsome a cuff upon his lying muzzle that not only he, but many who were dhristian him, became as mute as mice. Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno The second was long, but easy provided we kept to it and were guided by our magnet.

The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

The winged sort were able to do so instantly. In Cabala it is said that at the Crown the top Sephira of the Tree cristian Lifechriatian divine is witnessed as a Maelstrom, what can be a terrific sight. Of him Rudolf Steiner says: From the lake we passed through a narrow strait into the sea, where sirens, nymphs and sea-goddesses swam to meet us, begging to be allowed to sing to us.

We carried ourselves as if it seemed strange to us, too. The events of this story span seven days and are divided into seven chapters, each chapter relating a different day. The candle light under the table is the divine light hidden in oneself. As I entered the Third Portal at her very heels, the gate clapped to so suddenly that part of my coat was locked out, and, since its Guardian could not be prevailed upon to open the gate again, had to be left behind.