Collective intelligence in action / by Satnam Alag. Bookmark: au/version/; Physical Description. xxv, p.: ill. ; 24 cm. Published. There’s a great deal of wisdom in a crowd, but how do you listen to a thousand people talking at once? Identifying the wants, needs, and knowledge of internet. As Satnam Alag writes in this book, collective intelligence as a research field actually pre- dates the web. But it was after the dot-com era had.

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Thanks to the Internet companies we can use this concept every day. Craig rated it really liked it May 07, What’s really neat is how this information gets collected and can be applied. No eBook available Amazon.

Collective intelligence in action / Satnam Alag. – Version details – Trove

Refresh and try again. Lucene in Action, Second Edition. Building a framework to search the blogosphere. Intelligent web crawling 6. Petro rated it did not like it Jun 04, Following a running example in which you harvest and use information from blogs, you learn to develop software that you can embed in your own applications. What is collective intelligence? High level concepts are introduced first. All the mathematical concepts and definitions are shown in examples. How collective intelligence manifests in the GUI and screen flow of various popular web properties is illustrated.

Collective Intelligence is a big topic so the title of this book is very ambitious. Every chapter has an introduction, a summary collecitve very handy references – I used them many times. For example the World Bank acfion the capability not necessarily using these methods to match similar projects around the world so that experience gained in one area can be found and applied elsewhere.


Collective Intelligence in Action

Facebook or eHarmony might use these ideassearch for similar material to identify copyright infringement, email filters that keep out spam for rolex watches or viagra unless you are interested in rolex watches or viagraconstruct a virus detection engine based on code phrases or early detection of epidemics or adverse reactions to medication through similarities in medical reports. Leveraging WEKA for clustering. Building an intelligent crawler step by step.

Content types and integration. In the Web 2.

Collective Intelligence

Neither does it take a “heads up” or “for dummies” approach. About the book Following a running example in which you harvest and use information from blogs, you learn to develop software that you can embed in your own applications.

Have you ever surprised to see line similar to “Hello, greatguy. Following a running example in which you harvest and use information from blogs, you learn to develop software that you can embed in your own applications.

Veljko Krunic rated it really liked it Nov 21, Simple examples of some of the underlying math is worked out. The curiosity led me to read “Collective Intelligence in Action”. Instead, it aims somewhere in the middle which gives the book a bit of an identity crisis.

I highly recommend it. Book is worth reading even if alat do not plan to use CI in your application.

Collective Intelligence : Satnam Alag :

Finally a note to SF fans, this may be the point at which the Web starts to appear to be intelligent. Nathan Marz and James Warren.

They then learn to develop software that can embed in their own applications. Sheldon Kreger rated it it was amazing Dec 21, He is a seasoned software professional with over fifteen years of experience in machine learning and over a decade of experience in commercial software development and management.


He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles.

A new category of powerful programming techniques lets you discover the patterns, inter-relationships, and individual profiles-the collective intelligence–locked in the data people leave behind as they surf websites, post blogs, and interact with other users. Collective Intelligence in Action by Satnam Alag. Book ratings by Goodreads. Learning from user interactions 2. It is the first Java-based book to emphasize the underlying algorithms and technical implementation of vital data gathering and mining techniques like analyzing trends, discovering relationships, and making predictions.

Approaches to intelligent search. Discovering patterns with clustering 9. The formally trained software engineer can treat this book as a great introductory survey level course on the subject that does attempt to peal back some of the layers of complexity. Alag himself appears to be working at a biotech firm NextBio that matches public medical and genome related data to data held by private companies.

There are lot of a Java code listings, therefore the basic knowledge of this language might be useful. It provides a pragmatic approach to personalization by combining content-based analysis with collaborative approaches.

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