Much of Traminette’s background information presented here was provided by Dr . Bruce Reisch at Cornell University and Dr. Bruce Bordelon at Purdue. Aromella is a cross between Traminette and Ravat 34, which are Among the goals of Cornell’s wine grape-breeding program, Reisch said. Bruce Reisch harvests grapes as part of the Cornell grape-breeding program, which has several new Cornell released Traminette in

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In a trial at Fredonia, NY Table 1on a deep gravelly loam soil, pruning weights of three vines of ‘Traminette’ were comparable to control ‘Melody’ vines, and fruit yields were equivalent to ‘Melody’, approximating 7. Foliage is susceptible to downy mildew Plasmopara viticola [Berk. Traminette is a vinifera-type wine grape.

He is tremendously impressed with the cold-hardiness of Traminette. Berries are ccornel and remain in good condition until ripe, but Botrytis bunch rot and sour rots may clrnel losses if harvest is delayed, especially after rainfall.

If it does develop, however, a common approach would be to plant on phylloxera-resistant rootstocks.

‘Traminette’ Grape

Trials also showed the cultivar to be moderately resistant to powdery mildew, Botrytis bunch rot and black rot. We need multiple years of vineyard testing to study cold tolerance, disease resistance and fruit and wine quality. Annual cane pruning weights averaged 1.

Nursery requests for cuttings may be addressed to B. The wine has good body and no noticeable flavors characteristic of corbel hybrid grapes.

Alert me to new issues of HortScience. Fruit were first observed in and the original vine was propagated in under the number NY The cross of Joannes Seyve Articles by Mansfield, A. Vines are large in size and more winter-hardy than most French—American hybrid grapes.


Traminette – Wikipedia

Trials done at the NYSAES showed the vines to be moderately winter hardy, but on heavier soils, trunk injury occasionally occurred. Bruce Reisch at Cornell University and Dr. The next fruit quality determinant is the management of the crop load.

tramindtte This system often requires more canopy management to allow for good fruit exposure. If high-cordon training is used, some leaf removal at the top can also be beneficial. Fruit cluster of ‘Traminette’. Mildly fruity at first, Marquis will tramindtte a rich Labrusca flavor if left to yraminette on the vine.

Both are white hybrids that combine excellent fruit quality with cold-hardiness derived from American species. This would exacerbate any vine vigor problems, which can be managed by the aforementioned trellising and pruning techniques. Viticultural production data for ‘Cayuga White’, ‘Melody’ and ‘Traminette’ grown at two locations.

We thank prior project traminettr Robert M. This will position the shoots downward, reducing their vigor. Vines are extremely sensitive to damage when green tissues are exposed to drift from 2,4-D herbicide use, and there is some tendency for fruit shelling to occur shortly after corndl as a result of cracking and abscission at the point of berry—pedicel attachment, especially in warmer regions.

In their trials at numerous sites, yields averaged pounds per vine, based upon vines sized at He also noted that if the vines are moderate in size, they can be planted more closely with 6-foot spacing to fully utilize the vineyard site.


These are vinifera type wines from vines that are much easier to grow in cold climates. All juice samples were analyzed for pH, soluble solids by refractometry, and titratable acidity by titration expressed as tartaric acid equivalents. Related Content Load related web page information.

InBordelon began trials with Traminette in three Indiana locations and also worked with commercial growers.

Wines may be finished dry or semi-dry depending on preferred style. Cookies required for full site functionality. Bruce Bordelon at Purdue University.

Trunks of ‘Traminette’ are susceptible to damage from low temperatures which may cause trunk splitting or provoke crown gall disease. It does not lose acidity as quickly during ripening as erisch ‘Cayuga White’.

New Grapes From Cornell Debut

Pool and Thomas Henick-Kling. The press conference will be held in conjunction with the opening reception of the 4th International Symposium on Cool Climate Viticulture and Enology. Vines in the Purdue trials averaged 1.

Cornell University will not apply for a plant patent on ‘Traminette’. Fruit has been observed since In Indiana, Traminette is mid- to late-ripening, with average harvests ranging from Sept. Until they are released, grapes are referred to by number traminetts.