Due to the ohmic resistance of the electrolyte, the corrosion rate decreases the greater Filiform corrosion Filiform corrosion (French: corrosion filiforme, . corrosion filiforme translation english, French – English dictionary, meaning, see also ‘corrosif’,contorsion’,corrĂ©lation’,corporation’, example of use, definition. You’ll find it on google under “polishing”: Filiform corrosion is most often seen in a failing paint (or clear coat) over.

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corrosion filiforme translation English | French dictionary | Reverso

What is filiform corrosion? Filiform corrosion is a special form of corrosion that occurs under some thin coatings in the form of randomly distributed threadlike filaments. Filiform corrosion is also known as “underfilm Corrosion” or “filamentary corrosion”.

Filiform corrosion of a tin -coated steel. Filiform corrosion occurs on metallic surfaces coated with a thin organic film that is typically 0. The pattern of corrosion attack is characterized by the appearance of fine filaments emanating from one or more sources in semi-random directions.


The filaments are fine tunnels composed of corrosion products underneath the bulged and cracked coating. Filiform corrosion can be visually recognized without using a microscopy.

Filiform corrosion has been observed on surfaces of coated steel, magnesium, corrosjon aluminum with thin coatings of tin, silver, gold, phosphate, enamel, and lacquer.

Filiform corrosion has also been observed on paper-backed aluminum foils. What causes filiform corrosion? Filiform corrosion is a special case of crevice corrosion. During propagation, water is supplied to the head of the filament from the surrounding atmosphere by osmotic action due to the high concentration of dissolved ferrous ions on the surface of steel substrate.

Osmosis tends to remove water from the inactive tail, because of the low concentration of soluble salts corosion has precipitated as ferric hydroxide.

How to prevent filiform corrosion? Filiform corrosion or underfilm corrosion can be prevented with the following methods: More details filiformw filiform corrosion or underfilm corrosion are included in the following corrosion courses which you can take as in-house training coursescourse-on-demandonline courses or distance learning courses: Mechanisms What causes filiform corrosion?

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Prevention How to prevent filiform corrosion?

Filiform Corrosion Underfilm Corrosion.