Samira KHOULJI: ENSA, UAE OF TETUAN, MOROCCO Prof. SAID BOUTALEB,FS AGADIR, MOROCCO SAID OUANNASSER, In [8], a branch and bound algorithm to find the global solution indefinite quadratic programming is investigated. Un modèle de composant éducatifs pour des cours adaptatifs sur le Web. Palavras-chave: Mer Noire; Circulation verticale; Chimie marine; Optique Ces prélèvements sont en cours d’analyse au laboratoire afin d’évaluer: 1) les stretching from Agadir to Ifni are sometimes overpopulated while schools are rare in .. However implementing these solutions in practice might have significant. looking for solutions of rather local problems, through its proper Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie Physique — Comité d’Application des (6 schools with 4 years cours). About pathologie végétales de l’E.N.S.A.* 3ERGUENT. AGADIR). TARFAYA^. Lagand«. ‘ ^ Centres régionaux de to DRA.

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Thermal remote sensing data have been largely silution to study LST variation around the world[1], [8], [9], the combination of Geographical Information Systems GIS and remote sensing data can be used to provide a multitemporal understanding of temperature change. All this attractive of CPW-DGS structures chimiee of useful for fabrication, characterisation and manufacture of a small,low-cost and highly integrated transceiver.

This intense manufacturing activity is essential for the city developmentview its positive economic and social results, but it is also accompanied by some drastic environmental degradation e. A parameter extraction module, a matching block, a module for normalizing the match scores and a decision module.

Aziz Mabrouk Chairmen Primary caregiver is thus subjected to emotional and physical stress derived from the objective burden of the tasks required for patient s care and normally the financing of a significant part of the care expenses and of course the emotional load that all of this represents [3] [4].

However, In small dimensions and higher initial values, the vision becomes unclear because MSE is higher than 3.

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In addition, we will describe communications protocol between reader and the information system. Over the past few years, nesa ZCP have been developed due to the high demands on such Islamic platforms. Position-based optimized link state routing for mobile ad hoc networks. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol Sfax, janvier [5]Giorgini P.


The use of geographic information has greatly increased; however, many users will be largely oblivious to the role it plays in their activities. These platforms are chimei an important tool and play a crucial role in Muslims life.

With the technical support from IoT, smart city need to have three features of being instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Not Solutikn Alexa Rank: Big Data in all its aspects require new methods and infrastructures to register, analyze and distill the meaning. The aim of these workshops was to provide a forum to exchange ideas and preliminary results of topics related to Affective Computing, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Systems.

It is based on applying game thinking and game mechanics or game design techniques to non-game activities in order to engage users, solve problems, and drive behaviour [1]. Tomlin, Special facilities in a general mathematical programming system for non-convex problems using ordered sets of variables, OR, vol.

Editorial Board. Prof. Samira KHOULJI Prof. Mohamed Larbi KERKEB

Harvard business review 76 4. Alsmadi, A novel root based Arabic stemmer, J. Whois Server Version 2. In fact, one of the main aims of the ACMLIS’17 International Conference was to help researchers, doctoral studentsin particular, to communicate their research works to quality juries and to facilitate the publication of their scientific results in highly rated and indexed journals. Section IV presents discussion and comparative study. Al Jaam, and S.

Section 4, is devoted to the detailed presentation of the process of developing a multidimensional schema that meets the limits of the comparative study. Educational Research Review, 1, Mokhtari and Sheorey, Differences in the metacognitive awareness of reading strategies among native and non-native readers.

It is the first metamodel of its kind to tackle the Zakat calculation problem. Mao, Harmonic suppression with photonic bandgap and defected ground structure for a microstrip patch antenna, IEEE Microw.

The paper is arranged in five main sections focusing on the basic aspects coure gamification and the possibilities of using it for Arabic NLP. Not Applicable H6 Headings: The quality here represents vours reduction of interference during image restitution. Steinhausen, The size and burden of mental disorders and other disorders of the solition in EuropeEur. Performance evaluation of a cartography enhanced OLSR for mobile multihop ad hoc networks.


Figure 3 below describes the four steps involved in this framework. However,gamification by itself may not yield the widely-expected results if the incentives are not strong motivators.

It seeks to exploit large amounts of data by creating intelligent systems capable of making appropriate decisions. J, Willeme P, Mot E, editors. Due to these convincing reasons, we believe that gamification and language-based games could incentivise the learners to continue for their contributions and ensure the benefits for the NLP practitioners.

Editorial Board. Prof. Samira KHOULJI Prof. Mohamed Larbi KERKEB – PDF

RFID tags respond to the reader s request by emitting radio waves back with the data stored the chip. Such an approach will allow the creation of enriched interactive through a real devices and real remote mechanisms that interactively support the exploration of scientific phenomena. Even though some protocols like OLSR[1] protocol is conceived especially for these networks, it is still unableto fit their inherent characteristics entirely.

The idea of this research component is to add to the e-commerce process the notion of geographical location. Not Applicable Delicious Shares: There are also reports of an increase in the respiratory rate rr and its variability rrv in front of a stressor [15].

In this paper, we present the first Arabic project that targets all the means to promote and explore the possibilities for research and practical applications of using games and gamification for Arabic NLP. Vahldieck, Hybrid-mode analysis of homogeneously and inhomogeneously doped low-loss slow-wave coplanar transmission lines, IEEE Trans. Not Agqdir H5 Headings: