Control your website using free cPanel control panel and special free web hosting website Email Forwarders. 5. Websites. 2. Ftp Accounts. 2. MySQL Databases. 2 You will be a pro in no time with Cpanel’s knowledge base and tutorials. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a new cPanel account. 2. How to Allow AutoSSL to Replace Invalid/Expiring Certificates. 3. Learn how to resell your own hosting accounts in WHM with the tutorial below. You can access cPanel by using either 2) Then enter your password here. Be sure to check out the other cPanel tutorials to learn all the great features.

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If the login info does not work, you can always change the password from within the WHM. Once again thanks for the assistance. I am having trouble after creating another cpanel under the same WHM. Unable to find an IP address.

If you’re trying to simply get SHELL accessit is available, but the dashboard interfaces will also be available – you can’t get one without the other.

Feel free to post any errors here and we can help troubleshoot the issue. To give a quick summary, there are three account interfaces depending on your hosting account: You can also create separate cPanel packages, and select which features will be included.

Hello Dericko, Sorry that you’re having problems getting into the cPanel. It will not hinder the WHM Admin from getting in, however, since they don’t need it.

How to change your cPanel theme – Web24

I tested it specifically for that and did yutorial get one. Are you trying to find info on installing cPanel and WHM on your server? Did I do something wrong? After the cpanel account is created, what are the steps to actually use it? Actually, they are both correct. If I have full controll of the site for the customer do I need to have a cPanel for each domain? Shared Hosting users do not have WHM access. It would also be helpful if, somewhere between Create and Suspend, there were instructions for Activation and Use.


I asked Suport and they pointed me to NS I tried to create an account through WHM for what was, an add-on account on my original hosting account which I updated to primary on that account because I moved the zccelerated account to VPS.

You will need to remove the domain from your existing cPanel accounts before you can create a new account for it.

I’m trying to create a cpanel for the same domain. Kind regards, J Reply. The IP address can also be used: I will definitely add that to the Article Updates list I have so that this information will be more readily available in the future.

Ok so that makes sense. If not, then we will also cover those topics briefly in the following chapters. Related Questions Here are a few questions related to this article that our customers have asked:.

Thank you, John-Paul Reply.

cPanel Tutorial

If you don’t have any packages set, select the “Select Options Manually” option and set those limitations now. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

One of the tugorial important features within WHM is the ability to create individual cPanel accounts. Did you change anything else at the same time that may have affected that? That error means the domain you are trying to create an account for already belongs to an account on your server. Congratulations, you have just created a new cPanel account! Thank you members, i wouldlike to know more on hosting issues because I’m a beginner in this field. I want a separate section for testing v7 php.


Nowadays most of acceleeated Linux webhosting servers use cPanel to host and manage websites on their servers. You are able to see the username there. Hello Switch Lane, Sorry for the ongoing confusion.

Free web hosting with cPanel. Order Free cPanel hosting

If you require further assistance with your request, please let us know and we would be happy to help. I received an “can’t create account because it already exists on the Apache server” so, how do I get the secondary account on my vps server as a separate account.

Thank you, -John-Paul Reply. How easy was it to find the guide you were looking for? I tried everything acceleratrd i just can’t find a solution. Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation. Our older name servers were just NS and NS1. I hope this helps to explain it for you. Were you able to watch the youtube accwlerated at the top of this article? Was your issues resolved? A link will do if I can get direct access to these and also I tried to install the cPanel on my system but the download was not easy and the main reason for this is because I don’t know how to creat link via cPanle and it gives me concern because I really need this.

Suppose a new client wants to change their password; can they do that? What do I as admin do when the log-in info does not work?