Author: Anand Prakash Gupta Book Contain Government Accounting Rules – General Financial Rules C.P.W.A Code. Buy Compilation of Central Public Works Account Code (CPWA Code) book online at low price in india on PUBLIC WORKS ACCOUNT CODE. WJm. APPENDICES. [First Editior -Reprint]. Embodying all correctior.s L:ue•’ to the First Edition up to. December

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Nabhi’s Compilation Of Central Public Works Account Code – An Approved Reference Book

Who is the Final Authority that waits the Decision? You might also like The Tracer of this Division cpea entrusted to discharge his duties for the Plan, Drawing and Design of works under the direct supervision of the Estimator and Executive Engineer. E at the initial stage so that the contingency of reporting of any point of Para to the PAC does not arise due to the neglect or delay in reply. Section, Bahalda-I ii W. Who are the Officers at various levels whose opinions are sought for the Process of Decision making?

Section, Rairangpur ii W. Brief History of the Public Authority: Designation of the Officers involved in Decision making. Through Pcwa Engineer, R.

This also marked the codr of the duality in control over the Public Works Accounting machinery. E to produce to the Audit Officer all the initial accounts and other records promptly. Please provide information separately in the following format for the important matters on which the decision is taken by the Public Authority: For enhancing and effectiveness and efficiency co-operation for the public is highly solicited in respect of the relation of the Rural Codde Division, Rairangpur.

Compilation of Central Public Works Account Code (CPWA Code)

In this regard, I would like to reproduce some of the important rules and procedures as per the CPWA Code especially in comparison with Para 2. E should mention the upto date position of all such cases in his charge report. Information Available in an Electronic Form. Have we lost transparency codde Sub-Divisional Tendering? Sailendra Narayan Mohanty Executive Engineer – eerwrairangpur yahoo.


The Procedure to determine the Remuneration as given in the Regulation. The duties and functions of the Divisional Accounts Officer have been elaborated in Para 4. codd

The Duty and responsibility of the Executive Engineer have been elaborated in Para 2. Grievance petition for the public are accorded due to importance and expidious are always favor for the redresal for the general public. Vide note 2 below Para The basic structure of Public Works Accounts has remained as such till today coce the system has ensured the services of efficient accountant for Public Works Account Service. Grievance petition for the public are accorded due to importance and expedious are always taken for the redressal of the General public.

The results of the local Audit are Coce through Inspection Report, cpws is drawn in 3 Parts as below: Categories of Documents Under Control. On receipt of such intimation, the Executive Engineer should arrange codw keep all the relevant records and documents ready for the inspection party. Being the Divisional Officer, he is responsible to the Superintending Engineer of the Circle for efficient execution and management of all works and in all matters within his Division.

He maintains the accounts of all Stationeries, Dead Stock materials, and postage stamp. If not satisfied by the Decision, Where and How to Appeal? Being the head ministerial staff he is to supervise the works of all the Junior Clerks and Senior Clerks coming under his spare of work.

Compilation of Central Public Works Accounts (CPWA) Cod – EBC Webstore

It is his duty to organize and supervise the execution of works and to see that they are suitable and economically carried out. The Rural Works Division, Rairangpur is entrusted with the codw of construction and maintenance of rural roads and buildings.

If not the same is submitted to Superintending Engineer for a decision. The development activities of any Government is depended on proper accounting rendering of timely advice in financial matters to executive authorities and concurrent audit of receipt and expenditure being incurred.


Time limit for disposal: While transmitting replies to the Audit on the original Inspection Reports as well as Rejoinders, the Superintending Engineer should examine the explanation offered against each para by the Executive Engineer and express his independent opinion. E should Endeavour to get these settled before the inspecting party leaves his division. Procedure in Circle Office: In the case of worksthe expenditure which is recorded in subheads, the Divisional Accountants role consist in checking the expenditure on each sub head in term of quantity and value with the estimated provision so that he may bring to notice all deviations from sanctioned estimates.

The relative position of the Divisional Accountant vis-a-vis the Executive Engineer was also made analogues to that of the Sub-Divisional Officer. Division, Rairangpur As above R.

His relations with Accountant General Para 4. Actual Expenditure for the Last Year in lakhs. What are the arrangements to communicate the Decision to the Public? Science and Tech Facebook least trusted tech company — Survey Tilt of head can boost social engagement — Study Giving up alcohol will help quit smoking Sleeping in contact lenses can cause dangerous eye infections Light pollution at night disrupts ecosystem — Study Farout, most distant object in solar system.

He sees to it that the Executive Authorities do not also utilize savings from estimates on abandonment of any portion of work in an estimate towards such work which has not the approval of Government.

Divisional Accounts Officer Grade — I. The Division which are within the purview of the Executive Engineer as per Departmental rules and regulations are taken by the Executive Engineer.

Sethi Junior Engineer – – aeerwrrp yahoo.