closing pages of A Life Decoded, to investigate the genomes of the atmosphere .. Craig Venter, based on my DNA, will continue to be made long after life has. One look at the cover of A life decoded by J. Craig Venter and you know you are not looking at a run-of-the-mill scientist’s biography. Venter’s. J. Craig Venter raced the government to decode a human genome. image enough to begin his memoir, “A Life Decoded,” by describing how.

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Refresh and try again. At first, it appears as if Venter is able to look at his own flaws. I did fin it interesting that he opened the book with a couple quotes about how most people find it hard to be completely honest about themselves; while I think he gave it a good shot, he certainly paints a very positive picture of himself, and I’m curious to read a couple of the books by his rivals now.

Unless you have reason to anticipate a very good meal or a fetching face, take care not to accept outright any invitations to senior faculty’s homes.

He spent a lot time writing about his bad grades in high school, his forced placement into community college, etc. Venter is also the key leader in the field of synthetic genomics.

Learning the lessons of life

I’ve been privileged to personally interact with some of the personalities involved, Gerry Rubin who collaborated with Venter on the fly genome as a test run before humansJames Watson, Harold Varmus, Francis Collins at NIH. The scientific detail slowed my pace, but the real life politics held my interest.

Twice these agreements fell apart. First few pages really demonstrate how nature and nurture together sculpt the personality. I was not going to let it happen a second time on live television from the White House. But I’m such a glutton — can’t stop reading a book unless it is so bad it is making my eyes bleed — so I listened to the whole damn thing. He reminds me of another titan of industry, Larry Ellison, not only for the attitude but also for their shared passion for sailing.


Craig Venter | Speaker | TED

Times and ha blamed the Wellcome Trust. As for the man himself, he has a reputation as an insufferable a-hole, but I have nothing but respect for him. What was left of the book was dry science. Jul 26, Ken Roebuck rated it it was amazing. In some ways yes. In he announced that he would successfully sequence the human genome years earlier, and for far less money, than the government-sponsored Human Genome Project would— a prediction he kept in Brash, opinionated, and breathtaking in its scope and pace, as many have described the man himself.

In his riveting and inspiring account Venter tells of the unparalleled drama of the quest for the human genome, a tale that involves as much politics personal and political as science.

A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life – J. Craig Venter – Google Books

I would recommend this book to anyone, even if they are not in a scientific field. Jan 16, Aditi rated it liked it Shelves: The first yeast chromosome sequence to be published had to be redone, under-scoring the management issues in having each diverse lab trying to read code in its own way, with varying degrees of success. He was a member of the science advisory group to President John F Kennedy that gave added credibility to Rachel Carson’s warnings on the long-term effects of pesticide residues.


I’m actually interested in reading more books about scientifi This book probably would have gotten 4 or 5 aa from anyone with the slightest science background.

Ari tried to calm me and promised to call Neal Lane immediately. Craig Venter is one of secoded leading scientists of the twenty-first century. A life decoded was a great story about an adventurous life, was educational in terms of what the science actually did, and provided key insights on how politics in academia operate.

While interesting, they tended to disrupt the flow of the narrative. Although there is constant focus on the scientific and technical aspects of the work there is a lot about politics in this book.

A Life Decoded falls prey to elements of both, while remaining an engaging read. I also came away wondering if, for both teams, the people who really deserved the credit were the engineers who designed automated sequencing machines and the programmers who wrote the software to put the sequenced DNA back in the proper order, as opposed to any of the biologists or MDs in charge of the projects.

Although technical in parts overall it was a facile and enjoyable read particularly with my scientific After reading this fascinating autobiography of a ruthless perspicacious scientist made me want to have my own genome sequenced to discover my genetic destiny. But after reading this, I wouldn’t even want to talk to him at a cocktail party.

Does he have the success to back it up? This book was the perfect warm-up before the freshman seminar that I plan to take this fall: